Title: xxxHolic
Country: Japan
Network: WOWOW
Status: Airing (from February 24, 2013 to ??)
Episodes: 8
Duration: ~26 min. per episode
Genre: Supernatural, Thriller

Anne Watanabe as Ichihara Yuuko
Sometani Shota as Watanuki Kimihiro
Higashide Masahiro as Shizuka Doumeki
Miyazaki Karen as Himawari Kunogi

High school student Watanuki Kimihiro has the ability to see spirits and monsters but is actually plagued with them. Coming home one day, he’s once again assailled by evil apparitions but his feet lead him to a strange shop. There he encounters Ichihara Yuko, the mysterious owner who offers to grant Watanuki’s wish to be rid of the spirits. But the price must be of equal value, so Watanuki has to temporarily work for her in her shop that grant wishes. Thus begins his adventures in an world full of supernatural experiences.

Source: MDL, some other websites


It's up to 3 episodes so far, and I think the adaptation is pretty good. In terms of recreating the horror atmosphere of the story, it works quite well. Although the first episode wasn't as catchy as the first chapter of the manga, it was still quite good. The casts, well... I'm not too fond of them, but super thumbs up for the costumes. Yuuko's costumes are of course complicated as we know it, and looks like it's recreated as it exactly is in the manga, which is cool. But that often comes out as sexy though, because that's indeed how it goes. v_v

It's only 8 episodes, each 26 minutes, like an anime. So I don't know how far they're going to bring this to. I don't think it'll be too far, though; they will need to talk about Tsubasa too in order to explain some things which will be too much for something so short. So maybe it'll just be cases.

P.S.: I'm sooooooooo in love with Doumeki here. He's handsome, and when he takes that bow... *faint*