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Thread: The Shocking Truth About Madara, Hashirama and the Eye of the Moon Plan

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    The Shocking Truth About Madara, Hashirama and the Eye of the Moon Plan

    Both Hashirama and Madara wanted a world of peace. However, Madara had a twisted personality, and he didn't want peace at the expense of his own interests.

    Hashirama himself didn't know how to bring peace to the world. Even after the establishment of the ninja village system, the shinobi world was still consumed by war. In fact, Hashirama died in war after the founding of Konahagakure.

    Because Hashirama didn't know how to bring peace to the world, he spared Madara at the Valley of the End, not only because he respected him and saw him as a friend, but also in hope that Madara would go into hiding and, one day, succeed where he had failed.

    It is easy to understand how Madara came to find out about the Ten Tails: He found the tablet left by the Sage of the Six Paths and was able to decipher it thanks to his Sharingan.

    Because of Madara's actions in the past, it is hard to say whether he wants to carry out the Eye of the Moon Plan for his own interests, or to re-shape people's minds and ultimately bring peace to the world like him and Hashirama once dreamed of.

    However, Hashirama wanted peace more than Madara did. He truly wanted it. And yet he never succeeded: war still raged after the founding of Konohagakure. Furthermore, how do you think Hashirama is going to feel once he has learned that war still raged on a global scale for decades after his death? And that, ironically enough, the only time that all the ninja villages actually stopped fight again each other was when they learned of Madara's Eye of the Moon Plan and decided that they wouldn't let it happen?

    Hashirama wanted peace more than Madara did. And eventually he will have to come to the same conclusion than Madara: that the shinobi world will never change by itself, and that the Eye of the Moon Plan is the only solution.

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    Re: The Shocking Truth About Madara, Hashirama and the Eye of the Moon Plan

    Welcome to MH

    Hashirama would not agree to false peace, imprisoning thousands of innocent people in an eternal Genjutsu is IMO worse.

    Madaras ideals (EMP) is noble in that he wants everyone to be in peace but we know nothing of how this works exactly, do the people have theyre own version of peace or is it all down to Madara and Tobi?
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