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Thread: Character Popularity Clash

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    Character Popularity Clash

    Hey there everyone ~

    There will be some pairings of characters (manga/anime/whatever) and everyone can give the character he/she likes more one point. When a character got five points his opponent will be "defeated". When a character defeats five characters in a row he/she will get into the "Hall of Fame". When a character looses in the first round he has to take a place in the "Hall of Shame". A character is "defeated" when his opponent gets five points. You can just once give one character of one pairing a point. If a character wins a round he gets a (numer+1) behind his name. If a character gets defeated after winning one or more rounds he/she will have to wait until he/she can join the fun again until 5-(number of rounds the character won) new rounds have started. ~ You don't have to vote every pairing (at once) but just once for one pairing. If someone decides a pairing the user that will make the next post has to up the number behind the character that one and he can decide who will be up against this character now. He/she can freely choose(as long as it's no character from the Hall of Fame/Shame or the Waiting List). If someone decides one than more fight, the next one can just fill up all the free spaces with new characters. I hope all those "rules" don't make it too difficult^^ ~ If you got any questions just ask^^

    Spoiler: Hall of Fame show

    Spoiler: Hall of Shame show

    Spoiler: Waiting List show

    And remember: You should just give the character a point that you personally like better ~ not the one that you think is stronger.


    [Bleach] Byakuya (0) vs. [One Piece] Nami (0) ~ 0:0
    [Toriko] Komatsu (0) vs. [Shokugeki no Souma] Yukihira Souma (0) ~ 0:0
    [Dragonball] Frieza (0) vs. [Naruto] Sasuke (0) ~ 0:0
    [Pokemon] Ash Ketchum (0) vs. [Yu-Gi-Oh!] Yugi Muto (0) ~ 0:0
    [Death Note] Ryuk (0) vs. [Fairy Tail] Happy (0) ~ 0:0

    Spoiler: Right example for a how the next post could look like show
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    Re: Character Popularity Clash

    [Inuyasha] Kikyo (0) vs. [Inuyasha] Kagome (0) ~ 0:1

    Spoiler show

    I hope I did this right.
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