Hey guys thanks for your replies and messages I would like to introduce my first chapter of manga to you sorry it's not the best and I don't have any art because I'm not the best drawer and it's kind of hard to find people who would like to draw and scan for free but anyway s I do update every Tuesday so if your interested in something new here it is still working on a name title and chapter titles so yea here you guys go [They say the moon is the closest thing that communicates with our dreams. The way the moon pull the tides of the ocean the same way the moon pulls us adrift as we count sheep.. Yet it comes out also during the day to separate dreams from reality. Noel are you paying attention? Yes mam. (Bell ring) Look at her... She so out of place here. I never see her train once. Plus she has no parents. I heard that she was tested on by legion and dumped here when they got found out.. You three stop talking rumors. Especially you Serah. Just because your number one in your class doesn't give you special rights. Go to the Ray. Pshh whatever besides the Amyrillis Coliseum is tomorrow. Ray sphere Forest training.. Hey Noel how do you feel? Im ok thank you Mr..? Names Rain and don mention it. Your vitals look good and you should be ready to fight tomorrow. Although your body is different have high electrons and nitrogen. Its weird but you are different. No worries different is good. You should be already and set for the Amyrillis Coliseum. Take care. (Closes door) Hey Noel. Ready for your checkup? Uhm... Mrs. Kaiser. Rain already done it.. What? Noel we have no medic by the name Rain. Uhmmm uh oh. (Intercom) This is Mrs. Kaiser Dynasty High has been breached. ]