even now as i lie next you, all i can think of is how happy you made me. I remember back to the day i knew, the day i knew that you were my true love. We were young, stupid and reckless, we danced in sun beams across the sun flower fields, the Sun kissed your skin, it was if nature itself was powerless against her beauty. Her locks of gold hair danced on the wind, i sat watching from my window, you would have never know how i felt save the day when it happened, a single flower at my window ceil with a note "We are young now, Let us play and forget about tomorrow, she knew I was Timid, a pale white face and a slender body, i couldn't face her, "what if she did not return my feelings? what if she shunned me could i go on?", then i saw her, she was wearing a yellow dress and had her hair in bows, i crept out through my window, and down the long, winding vines down to the earth, i felt the sun for the first time, the sun flowers grazed my pale flesh, i was outside. i ran for her, getting lost in the sunflowers, they grew so high, like skyscrapers they quickly enveloped the sky. i finally found her she was as gorgeous as ever. i clasped her hand with my clammy, quivering hand and we ran off together, we ran until the twilight hour, " i have to go" the words choked me as i spoke. i didn't know it but i was crying, pools of tears under my eyes, "i know, but we will be together soon" as i ran, her words almost echoed, "soon..." i thought "could she ever love the real me or would she run away like the others.". The moon shined bright, there was not a sound save the crickets and the sound of rustling through the sunflowers. Exhausted, i lay staring at the sun flowers.

The next morning, i awoke in my room, no my cell. Was it a dream? no, the time I shared with her, the sunlight on my skin, that could not be a dream, staggering, discordantly towards the window, there i saw a single sunflower plucked the garden, with it a note that read "One day, I’ll be your wife, until then lets run together in the sunflowers" I fell to my knees, weeping but these were not tears of agony nor or pain but of joy. He looked out the window "until the twilight hour, i Will dance an play with you until we to become one with the earth" i shouted for the world to hear, she replied with a gay cheer, as i descended down the winding vines, i began the hear the sounds of bells in the distance, it was a joyous chiming, it was beautiful sound, from that day on i spent my days, counting the seconds until i heard the chiming of bells that meant i could again see her. We lived in harmony with the earth, one day we dared to venture outside the golden fields, the seemingly endless waves of sunflowers that covered the earth and shaded us from the sky above. we found a town, a place of mother and father and child. It was a beautiful place, we walked the streets and received quizzically looks by the people, all directed at me. That day i saw thing i had only heard of in story books and pictures, i saw something particular that day, a carriage without a horse, granted i had only seen a carriage when the undertaker made his visits but never the less a marvelous sight indeed, they said it was an "Auto mobile" i was dumbstruck at the name. And we ran, and played and had only envy for the people we meet that day, we left there, the moon crept like a predator on its pray, before we left I ran into someone, a large built man wearing a bloody apron. his hair was as black as coal and his eyes were much of the same, oh how he looked at me with such content. he stared at me like i was a oddity, as i walked away he uttered something, i felt as if the twilight was gazing upon us, no it was the people of the town. they stood in a mass armed with fire and pitchforks. the air was still, i heard one of them"get out of our town" it was the butcher, the one i ran into, his voice boomed and seemed to have shook the very earth, it must have for the next thing i remember of that night i was on the ground, blood dripping from my upper brow, a rock lied beside me, looking up i saw a child cowering in the arms of his mother. In her eyes i only saw hatred, fear, all directed towards me. I slowly got back on my feet, and ran off back through the town, past the church who's tolling made his heart swell with anticipation and joy. Through the Sunflowers in which he once danced gaily against the sun beams, and back to cold, stone tower, climbing up the long winding vines which ones lead sunflowers to graze his skin and back to my cell.

It was the next morning when i heard the sound of the bells toll, she would come soon with propositions of merriment but he must not listen. I curled into a corner covering my ear and eyes shut. But no matter how hard i closed my eyes i could still see a small sliver of sunlight. It was the twilight hour once again, she still stood there looking at my window ceil. That day, all the sunflowers had died the withered and died much like my fantasies of a life with her. I knew what i was; i was despicable, horrific monster. Not companions in the world save my own shadow. All through the night she stood there like a dog waiting for its master, the next morning i found a withered, sunflower with a note, I quickly tossed both back into the world from wince they came. Yet she still stood there, day and night, through bitter frost of night and blazing heat of the sun. It was not until i saw this that i came to the window ceil, she had aged, she was no longer the girl who danced among the sunflowers, now she was a woman, her body worn and her eyes cold, though she still expressed happiness as she left a sunflower at the foot of the tower. There was a large pile by now, all withered. It was then when, in the twilight hour is seen the light of torches in the horizon, leading was an old, jaded man who resembled the boy of years past. "Kill the beast, Kill the beast" it was now clearly harmonic, all chanting in unison. At the foot of the tower was the girl still standing, staring up upon my window ceil. I Climbed down the Winded now wilting vines leading to the unforgiving earth, i stood beside her, hand in hand and faced the wave of people. i looked up, i still had time, the twilight hour had not yet ended. I was shaking, however i still stood bye her, the moon slowly crept into the sky, i looked over to her, she was scared as well, she looked at me smiling, trying to mask the fear. I whispered to her, "close your eyes, and cover your ears, think of the days when we were young, and i promise tomorrow we will spend all day playing in the sun flowers" her face lit up, though still crying, i wiped her tears from her face and kissed her on the forehead.

This was it, the twilight hour was coming to an end, the Towns people approached rapidly and then i heard his voice, "this is to avenged my sister’s death and the countless others you've killed" "killed" the word rang in my ears, i did not understand, i had not slain anyone, then it came, a memory from the day of my youth, that night he went running in the sunflowers. The night he spent in that patch of grass, and the blood bath that proceeded, he had turned. He evoked the blood of a violent and blood thirsty predator, He crept in the shadow of night, stalking, he slew many in that night, he awoke in his room when its hunger was quenched. Slowly but surely, i changed i slowly felt the shape of my body change, i was becoming a being without reason, only a natural instinct to feed and survive, but it would not be like that day in the sunflower fields, i have to be able to control it, for her. And so i went, slowly at first, one, two there blood soaked my fur three, four, Screams of terror arose and drowned out the sound of flesh tearing and bones cracking and then silence, i stood over the bodies of over a dozen townsmen, wives and children. *click* i heard it from across the grassy fields; it was the boy with snot and blood running down his face, a single scar across his right eye. he held a large pistol, pointed at me. i lept, i felt as if i could have stayed in the air for the rest of my life, the moon, my once greatest fear was now the only thing keeping everything he loved safe. A single shot was fired, i stood over him, looking down. "Just one more" i thought "one more then i can go back to those days when i ran in the sun flower fields, one more and i could live in piece with her." i raised my arm claws extended but before i could attack i felt a the warm ant tightening grip around my body. It was her, she looked at me, she was crying, no she was only now looking at the real me, but her tears were not of terror, they were of hope. "please stop, if you don't, i don't think i can save you..." a single tear rolled down her cheek as she spoke. Slowly l felt myself change, there was a moment of complete silence as if the entire universe was in sync. "it's okay, it's all over now" i held her in my arms, we stood in the light of the rising sun on that grassy hill. Bang, the bullet broke the silence, i felt her drop to the ground, i couldn't speak, not even a scream left my lips. a second shot, the sound rang, and all the birds fled, now I’m lying here, and with the last moments of my life all i can think of is how happy you made me the days we spent in the sunflower fields.