Shoji getting out of bed" god what time is it?" Utena(mom) standing over him with an look of incomparable anger *smack!* "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT STAYING UP ALL NIGHT, DIDNT I TELL YOU THAT YOU WOULDNT WAKE UP ON TIME,NOW YOUR GONNA BE LATE!" Utena (mom) literally kicking Shoji out of her room, Shoji "OW, hey, fine I’m getting up" Shoji running into saburo, knocking him over. "mweeh!, why are you so mean!" saburo said pretending to cry, Shoji, hitting saburo over the head, Shoji looking annoyed "Will you knock off the water works, no one's buying it" Utena in the other room yelling "YOU BETTER NOT BE FIGHTING WITH YOUR LITTLE BROTHER AGIAN!" Shoji in complete shock, saburo smiling deviously, continuing her rant from the other room, "Shoji, if you’re not out of this house by the time I count down from 3...2...” Shoji cutting her off "right I got it, I won’t be late" *ding dong* Utena, now in the kitchen, speaking quite polite "someone get the door please" saburo running to the door chanting "I’ll get it, I’ll get it" shoji, hitting Takuto over the head, causing him to fall flat on his face. Shoji stepping over saburo's body, Shoji speaking in a sarcastic tone “I have to do everything myself". Shoji opening the door, looking pleasantly surprised. "Oh, hey katsumi, manami what’s up?" manami, taking her place behind katsumi "we wanted to know if you would like to walk to school with us?"
Katsumi "so you want to come or what?" Shoji trying to act sly, "yeah let’s go!" katsumi looking at him quizzically "shouldn’t you get dressed first?" Shoji, looking embarrassed, "I...uh, one moment please...” Nami blushing, burying her face in her palm "your such an idiot, shoji" shoji coming back, dressed in a school uniformed(heist fully)"let's go" Utena showing Shoji off to school, "bye shoji, don’t be late! OR ELSE!" shoji playing it off as a daily occurrence "yeah, yeah, love you to mom, bye." Shoji, katsumi, and Nami walking down the street together, shoji "so, why the wakeup call" Nami, both shy and snooty says "well if we hadn’t come along, you probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed at all" shoji looking embarrassed at the fact that this was true, "I’m not a little kid, Nami I dont need you to get me to school every day." Nami blurting "Ma-Nami my name is Manami stop calling me Nami" shoji" why does it bug you so much? Do you not like the name Nami?" Nami looking off “no, it's not that, why do you call my Nami anyways?" "Because you remind me so much of my old friend Nami, you look like her too." Shoji replied "well what happened to your friend Nami?" Nami said curiously. Shoji stopped, the air seemed to have stood still. Shoji looking up at Nami, with sorrowful eyes "a....." he pauses, "are you saying we're not friends Nami?"

Shoji attempting to give a woeful appearance, Nami caught off guard "wha...What do you mean of course we are friends...Well... I mean your friends with my boyfriend... and any friend of my boyfriend is a friend of mine....why can’t I stop saying boyfriend? Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend..." Shoji laughing while staying a distance behind Nami and katsumi, katsumi turns gaudily proclaiming to shoji "if you don’t stop her, I will go insane" "yeah I guess" shoji says with a sigh *boop* shoji bops Nami on the head, causing her to stop her self-induced rant "thanks" Nami said looking up at shoji. "So katsumi, is there a club meeting today?" Shoji asks not really paying attention, "why? anxious for another penalty game?" katsumi replies emotionlessly, at that time Shoji walks into a phone poll Shoji cries out "OOOOOooooowwww, damn that hurt" katsumi helping shoji up "you know, you'll be late if you don’t hustle, and if you late who knows what Mrs.M will do to you." "I recall being told she has all sorts of odd and humiliating ways to punish her students" Nami blurts, Shoji now in a state of complete shock and unable to move at the thought of what she would do to him. Nami "looks like he broke again...” katsumi rolling up her sleeves says "I know how to fix this" katsumi then proceeds to kick shoji onto campus, leaving him in a crater. Shoji weakly lifting up his right hand's thumb up, when he gains consciousness, he hears the horrifying scream so familiar to him. "SSshhhooojjjiii" it came from Orie, who came running to check on shoji, "oh shoji, are you okay? And more importantly, did you get what I asked for?" shoji raises one arm with a slip of paper in its grasp which Orie then swipes away. "thanks" Orie said trying to seem cute *cat face (:3)* "oh, no, I don’t need any help I was just drop kicked here by and evil girl" katsumi, standing in the background listening in on the conversation, in raged by what shoji said, kicks him into the C building of the school, shoji returns to class covered in cuts and bruises. "You’re late, you know what that means right?" Mrs. M said with an almost devilish, flirtatious tone. After writing "slacker" on his forehead in maker, shoji is instructed to return to his seat. shoji, lost in thought "it has been two years since I started coming here, I've made many friends, but I've also made plenty of enemies" Looking over at Akane, who quickly blushes and turns away angrily. "She’s still mad?" shoji continues his inner monolog "the break up was over a year ago". "You look like an idiot" Ritsuko says teasingly. Looking over, shoji notices "Dunce" written across his fore head. "Look who is talking" Ritsuko face quickly went sour at shoji's response. "Attention up-front!" Mrs.M voice boomed as she hit a ruler to her desk