Chapter 2 Alert. Hey Noel? What exactly happened? He just said his name was Rain. He did the regular checkup nothing unusual. What were the results? Everything checked out was the same except... Except what tell me.! He said that I have a lot more electrons and i also have nitrogen flowing in my blood. I see so your no ordinary person we knew that much. Hmm. (Gymnasium Bell rings) I want you three to find Rain. Search the campus and split up. Yes Master Khan. Hehe finally someone not a weak training dummy like in the sphere. Serah you might want to relax a bit this is serious. Shut up Clarissa! I'm a higher rank than you. You do not speak ill in the sight of me. I will not hesitate to kill you. Hey Serah relax she is just worried about you. Worried or not Khalil she shouldnt ruin my urge to fight. (Khalil thought ah women. Why did i get paired up with these to.) Clarissa watch out!! Ahh!! (Whipspper s) I'm an Assassin of the Numaki clan. Your medical voice does not disturb me. Hmmph. Your a stubborn one. Numaki clan huh. They were in the first Sphere war. Enough chatting Rain now you die. Wind fan Death wheel. (Rain grins)