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Thread: Saddest original G10 member?

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    Re: Saddest original G10 member?

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantron View Post
    I got the feeling it was only 50/50 between Yanagi and Inui because like Sanada said, Yanagi has too much personal interest in the game, which implies if Yanagi wasn't fixated on his past history he'd be doing better than 50%. Given Rikkidai's 'boss team' status, it's safe to assume Yanagi ought to outclass Inui in physical stats and he could've pushed that as an advantage. Instead that game was a pure data versus data, which may indeed be 50%.
    Plot doesn't really matter. Inui got "main team plot" status if that were the case. And Rikkai upgrade in the final match could also be say due to plot. Konomi at one point was thinking of using another team other than Rikkai before using Rikkai because he feels the fan wouild be happier to see them again. If he doesn't pick them and stick to his original plan, they won't gain no such improvement. If that's not a "plot" improvement, I don't know what is.
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    Most of the thing I post is probably assumption if it's not a fact that I support using some evidence from the manga.

    If you knows you're on my ignore list and you quote my post, there's high chance I would ignore you. Or answer you and not look at your response.

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    Re: Saddest original G10 member?

    Fayte don't ignore questions aimed at you.
    You implied you think that the No.20 was stronger than the No.17.
    I'm asking why?
    Why on earth would you think that? What is there to show that was the case?
    I think its perfectly fine for anybody to believe Mitsuya > Akiba.

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    Also, as to why I believe Mitsuya > Yanagi,
    Yanagi it seems, hadn't seen Mitsuya for what would be 4 years.
    They hadn't seen each other in 4 years.
    Yet Mitsuya read the guy like a book and wrecked him.

    Yanagi, within a few months changed his style so much that Inui was powerless in doubles.
    Inui's chance to win was only 33.1%. Even after mountain training.

    I don't think its unfair to say Mitsuya was the best there.
    I don't see Yanagi as better than Akiba if Akiba was better than TeamSuffle!Atobe.

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