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Thread: Naruto 627 Discussion / 628 Predictions

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    Re: Naruto 627 Discussion / 628 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by M3J View Post
    But he didn't do what Itachi sacrificed his life for - protecting Konoha. At least, it wasn't his goal UNTIL Hashirama. I just find it weird because Sasuke admitted his path was different from Itachi's and sought to destroy Konoha.

    But yeah, you misunderstood me.

    I think Sasuke will save someone by either protecting them or attacking one of the villains with Susano'o, with an epic pose. Hell, he might do what Minato to Kushina or Naruto did to Sakura and save Naruto by lifting him like that.
    yes i wasnt necissarily saying that i disagreed with your entire post

    but sasuke was definitely swayed by hashirama, we agree on that. i believe that the story of madara, and how he and hashirama were once close friends
    was a huge factor in sasukes decision, but you could tell in the scene that showed all of itachis quotes that itachi's message had been going trough sasukes head for a while
    he had been trying to weigh right and wrong, and find his own sense of justice

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    Re: Naruto 627 Discussion / 628 Predictions

    It felt like I read this chapter 3 months ago.

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