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Thread: poor hashirama :derp

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    Crying poor hashirama :derp

    poor senju hashirama i fell pity for this guy , let see why he lost a young brother at very young age
    he beleived he killed his best freind madara for the rest of his life where as he got trolled by madara
    . his own brother let to be the main reason of the destruction of his village,the same village he said
    he will do any thing to protect , his son was a epic failure not even his son name mentioned in history of the magna at once ; his garndson nawaki or whatever his name get killed in a battle at the age of 12 or so , tusande fail to save konoha from nagato , and then get sliced into 2 by her garndfather hashimara jutsu by teh hands of madara . man hashimara he might have won VOTE but he lost most of the important things in life or we should say all he had is tragedy during his lifetime and even after his death . so conclusion he was so godlife that he failed in almost everything

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    Re: poor hashirama :derp


    1- The vilage is just fine. Some buildings going down are irrelevant. The people are relevant. The vilage is just fine.... Curently better then ever as Naruto just allied all the other vilages into 1 great "Federation".

    2- Tsunade did not fail to save Konoha from Nagato as it was actualy saved. A Hokage does not need to do everything himself (and in this case herself). Tsunade saved the people from the huge blast and then Naruto stoped Pein.

    3- Tsunade got sliced but we know for sure she AT LEAST get's to save the rest of the Kages. What weapon was used is irrelevant.

    4- Tobirama is not the main reason. Tobi IS. After Kurama poped and the Uchiha was nowhere in site to defened the village Tobirama was probably asking himself if they where not the ones to do it... Makes sense. After that point he was obviously carefull with the Uchiha.

    Hashirama did lose Madara and some people at young age but that is life. He did what he did to preserve the village. The vilage is just fine but i do agree there is some tragedy. The goal was the preservation of his village and that was achived.
    Hashirama also most defenetly did not fail at almost anything... He created the biju balance that worked for a long time, he created the village system that is still going, he ensured (even if indirecly) Minato's and Kushina existance and "bonding" and so creating curent Naruto. Hashirama is the fondation of it all. He did not fail.

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