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View Poll Results: What is Rubel going to reveal about half-awakened?

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  • They have limitless potentail for growth

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Thread: Claymore chapter 137 Review

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    Reviewer 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member
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    Claymore Claymore chapter 137 Review

    Claymore 137- And Her Name Is...

    Welcome to this months review. Last month I asked what can defeat Priscilla. One person felt that she's invincible. Two felt it would either take divine interference or her realizing what she's become. Three figured that Raki will talk her to death. And three went with the most action packed way of her going down. Claire.
    Dust Eater Destruction-

    We open up with Priss-Sandra's dust eater attack doing a number on the awakened beings that had been fighting her. The ghosts on the other hand are fine due to Miria's warning. In the discussion some people were apparently upset that Claire listened to Miria. I think this odd. Claire listening to Miria is a sign of Claire's character development. After they got her out of the blob Claire has finally come to understand that even if she's okay with throwing her life away for revenge, there are others who care about her, and they are not okay with it. And Miria tells Claire to calm down, since it hasn't fully become another Priscilla. Anyways Miria says they should be grateful to Audery for giving her information on the technique. So I guess Audery does have some intelligence, and she was able to do at least some analysis of the Dust Eater. And as I wondered, it seems the Dust eater is less effective if you understand how it works.

    The Final Five-
    With Priss-Sandra's attack it looks like only Octavia and one other AB survived. But Chronos brings in a severed head and tells them 3 survived. Meet Europa the Lazy. Seems like she likes to play dead. In some ways it's surprising that we have an AB who can survive decapitation. But I wouldn't say it's completely without precedent. Remember the AB in Peita who's head got cut off? Or Agatha? And I wouldn't be surprised if this sets up for Priscilla surviving decapitation. But getting back to what happened, Chronos and Lars transform and all the awakened attack Priss-Sandra. Though the two guys don't have the most memorable awakened forms, and they don't seem to have any special powers. That's okay, though because they sure can punch. While they are damaging her, she's also regenerating. Octavia stops her from using the dust eater again. But it's Claire and Miria who finish her off. Miria and the awakened are stopped by Priss-Sandra's counterattack, but Claire gets through, and Claire obliterates the Priss looking parts. I would assume that that is the core, so I'm going to say that this is the end of Cassandra. In truth she was fully gone the moment Priscilla's Yoki took her over.

    Experiments Gone Right-

    As for the actual Priss, who is fighting Riful-doll, Dae and Rubel are watching that. Dae is so happy. But he's already got the winner figured out. He compares it to a volcano and a huge fire. The Fire will eventually run out of fuel to burn. So basicly Priscilla is going to win because she has more fuel than Riful-Doll. And it looks like Riful-doll isn't regenerating, so he's probably right. Rubel decides that since Dae has told him all this there's something that he wants to tell Dae. No, not that he loves him. He decides to let him know about the half awakened. It seems like the Fab Four at least were all made with Yoma who had originally been loved ones. Even Claire falls into this category if you think about it. While she and Teresa weren't related by blood, they did love one another. Dae remembers the experiment of course, but it didn't seem to have any real result. But Rubel lets him know that it just didn't show up immediately. So it seems we are about to learn why Rubel felt the half awakened were such a threat, and why he's acted to manipulate them. I would also hope we finally learn where the hell Riful-Doll came from.

    Winner of the Month-
    Europa the Lazy- I could have given it to Claire, but I figure Europa gets it for being someone who would have been an abyssal if not lazy (Love to see what she was like as a Claymore) and for surviving decapitation. See, Claire is right to always shred the head.

    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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    Re: Claymore chapter 137 Review

    Isn't there already a thread for Chapter 137 reviewing stickied?

    Anyways, +1 for Europa as winner of the month lol.

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member Brother Coa's Avatar
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    Re: Claymore chapter 137 Review

    Awesome review as always, and I agree - the best scene was with Rubel revealing the secret of HA to Daae.
    As for vote, it is obvious - option 1. Something tells me that hate is not the only part of the equation, love is in it too
    "The universe has many horrors yet to throw at us. This is not the end of our struggle. This is just the beginning of our crusade to save Humanity. Be faithful! Be strong! Be vigilant!"

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