I am in the process of making a Manga that is Shounen Based and looking on basic feedback to improve it. I got so much that I written down.

I have notes and summary world system, backgrounds, backstory and three arcs worth of story which totals to 33 full pages or nearly 125,000 words. The name manga would have been called Chosen.

P.S. Ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes, I did it while brainstorming and will break it down to different parts.


Sora Gin who is known as the future keeper was visited by Ryu Kazuya who is one of the royal guardians that is searching for answers for the future as he is worried that something terrible could happen. While Ryu ask Sora to try and predict an important event from the near future which Sora did without much effort he used his abilities.
Sora has a vision that the realm of shadows is getting destroyed by an infamous group called the Gaijinbutai (legionnaire) and that the second demon war was coming. Ryu who hears about this goes to The Demon Order (the government) about this and they have a meeting that only the chosen one could handle this and with this information, Sora is searching for the chosen one who is a human that has the demon genes (DNA) who could potentially stop the coming of the second demon war and when Sora founded the chosen one, Ryu puts his instincts to the test by going after the chosen one.

Ganbou who is a 19 years old teenager who goes to high school in Tokyo, Japan had experienced his worst days four years ago when he witnessed his parents killed by a demonic being who gave a disgusting laugh and vanish. Now traumatized from the experience, Ganbou has nightmares regularly and just when he came from high school a mysterious being with a strong presence was waiting for him to explain who killed his parents now Ganbou has full of questions when he finds out the existence of demons and other supernatural beings.