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Thread: Jakensama's Pillage and Plunder thread

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    Re: Jakensama's Pillage and Plunder thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MiyamotoMusashi View Post
    Yep, as i thought
    Great minds think alike!


    Quote Quote:
    But mine is already showing and getting worse with every haircut. I used to look forward to trips to the barbershop, but now they're just a constant reminder of the hair I used to have.
    It is unfortunate how much discrimination there is against bald/balding people, it is 99% of the time a pure genetic thing like most other physical traits. I'd say if it is already apparent to others, you go with the shaved head route as that is a popular fashion choice.


    Quote Quote:
    I think the T-Rex is a pretty interesting creature, especially since its image has changed so much since its discovery.
    Yeah so much new stuff is being discovered and new theories based on those discoveries. Was it mostly a scavenger, due to its incredibly enlarged olfactory bulbs giving it a sense of smell surpassing even modern vultures? Was it a social hunter due to adult skeletons being found together? Were those arms used to hold on in mating or hook into flesh as it was biting or were they largely not used at all? New evidence on footprints and T rex being perhaps slimmer than previously imagined have has some scientists theorizing it could run 25mph, and some saying it could run over 40mph!

    Quote Quote:
    I'm also really fond of the Maiasauraus (sp?) because it cared for its offspring much more than other creatures of the time did. I also like its design, for some reason.
    The head shape is fascinating indeed, and it did care for its young to a great degree. Though it is being found out more and more dinosaurs were caring parents.

    Quote Quote:
    I really liked dinosaurs growing up (who didn't?!). Talking to you makes me want to get into again. I was in the States last week and they rereleased Jurassic Park in 3D in cinemas the day I left. T_T Do you like Jurassic Park?
    There is so much great stuff today for dinosaur lovers to get into, more and more scientific books are being made available to the public and dinosaurs are still popular to use in media. Yes...and I LOVE Jurassic park, when I saw it in the theaters as a kid I thought it was the greatest movie ever made. I still think it is awesome. I saw the second and even the so-so third in theaters, and I'll certainly catch the fourth this summer.

    Quote Quote:
    The storytelling was pretty good, if not just as compelling as the artwork. I haven't read in a while though. But even if the story was crap I would buy it. :P
    Yeah the artwork is astounding, it is available on Amazon...I may have to check it out (well I'm sure library will have it to!) About artistic portrayals of dinosaur those are evolving as well, they weren't all bland greens and browns and grays. Thanks to color pigmentation preserved in feathers national geographic has revealed the true colors of anchiornis.

    True colors of Sinosauropteryx

    Quote Quote:
    I really like Hindu religious sculptures, the style is very expressive and colorful.
    I love the ones I've seen. My favorite is Ganesh dancing on the head of the king of snakes (A huge multi headed cobra). Apparently he was rewarded with butter and sweets by the villagers for his trouble!

    Quote Quote:
    Do/did you study archaeology and prehistory, or is it more of a hobby?
    In school? I took one archaeology class in high school, and one anthropology class in college. Really it is a hobby, I do love it...if you could major in paleontology I would have probably seriously considered it, but you have to take other stuff and only later (graduate/phd) do you get to study paleontology.
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