Chapter 3 Numaki!!! Ahh!!!! Hehe You underestimated me because I am a woman. The Numaki are known as the elite assassin of this time. You do not know your history Rain. We studied in the arts of the Wheel, Fan, throwing knife and assassinations. We do not pitty humans we have a target we kill and will not think anything about it. That's why the Genju did not survive. We killed every single one and now you will die. Fan Art Fury Fatal Attrictionttriction. (Rain Ahh!!) You are no match for me. (Rain Grins) Die already you son of a Bitch. Rain White widow. Ugh i cant move what did you do to me. Hmm the human body has 206 bones and over 230 joints. Eighty six in the head. Six in the throat and neck. Sixty Six in the Thorax. Seventy six in the spine and pelvis. Sixty four in the arms, hands and fingers. Sixty two in the legs, feet, and toes. There are also over 50 sphincter in the human body as well. I hit you in a couple you charge at me and move any faster you will wet yourself. You think you hit me but i studied in assassinations to. I was a member of the Genju clan. You dint survey your area good enough. Tell me were are your teamates supposed to be three of you right? Wait What did you do to them you monster!!! Kekeke. (Rain grins)