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Thread: Leeeeeeroy Jenkins!

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    Leeeeeeroy Jenkins!

    Hi Guys! I'm a dragon sla... ehm I'm Mattia (yeah my nickname is also the anagram of my italian name) live in Italy (searious?) and I think to learn write better english if take part of this manga's community.
    About manga, yeah... long ago I loved Naruto but now NO. My friends ask me why I don't read it more and why I don't curious of how it ends. I think that... doesn't matter more. A day I realized that I read it only for know how it was going forward (it says so?) but essentially it's nothing special (especially shippuden is very, very, very no sense for many things, I think).
    HxH is very cool manga shonen, but Togashi is a "cazzaro" as we said in ita. Bleach is an imitation of DB with the swords, but it's epic only for the intro quotes in the manga volumes. OP have an incredible resilience, though some sagas are bit boring for a shonen.
    About seinen the best is Gantz (not really XD but the boobs is over 9000) seriously I think that Berserk is very good... brutal, violent, bloody, esoteric and with a good plot about fate.
    I recently discovered Liar Game and... I was amazed for it. Not just for games and psyco-battle but also for the plot then seems approching human avarice.
    Anyway, in my spare time and in addition to manga I watch anime for example Hellsing, tv series for example Game of Thrones, write a stories, write in a narrative italian's gdr, do jim and run on tapis roulant at home. Time ago played a mmorpg World of Warcraft but I left because I haven't time for it and now I think it sucks. Sometimes play League of Legends with my friends otherwise it's boring.

    Well... I didn't say much but forgive me.

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    Re: Leeeeeeroy Jenkins!

    Whoa, another bro from Itally, and a fan of HXH at that.
    We seem to like (or at least follow) the same Shonen manga and that's good, since the merrier the better.
    And yes, Togashi really is a "cazzaro". LOL

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