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Well, if this forum is based on this week's chapter, then let's look at the situation overall 360.

It wasn't too long ago that Urahara was investigating the disappearance of Rukongai citizens and later, shinigami, during the "TBTP" Arc. So I imagine, his research on hollowfication by the time he confronted Aizen was somewhat 50% complete. Plus, he already knew what Hollowfication looked like, just by observation. I always thought that was suspect, since Hollowfication was never mentioned by Kubo at least, to have been an issue of any kind in the entire historical period of Soul Society.

And since, now with the Isshin / Masaki story, Urahara is an outcast and were not sure yet, if Shinji and others have been fixed to the point where we know them now and how they use their hollow abilities as Vaizards.

It sounds like to me, Bleach overall, is about the blending of souls or whatever and Ichigo is the center of this concept and that's how all these events are connected to an extent. This final arc, just proves that a person like Ichigo isn't suppose to exist, maybe his existence is against the boundaries or laws of spirits. Who knows, but Urahara being a villian would be really, really lame. I don't think his past is important, I think more or less, it's more interesting what Urahara can do in the present.
Sounds about right. Remember this:
U: …Th…Thank you…Yoruichi.
Y: No need to thank me. And I’ll refrain for the moment from kicking you for not taking me with you last night. …I brought all of them here, along with the new “gigai” you were working on. Now get on with it. With the best solution to the worst situation. That you’d thought of since you first heard about this from Hirako.
U: …So you know everything. What an unpleasant person.
Y: You're one to talk.

I still have yet to know what they were talking about. What did Hirako know...and it seems even Yoruichi didn't know the extent of Urahara's research, even if she had a good idea of it. The Visored incident only confirmed what she actually did know.