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Thread: Naruto and the Matrix

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    Reviewer 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member narutotheory's Avatar
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    Cool Naruto and the Matrix

    What if Naruto ends up being similar to the Matrix?

    Kishimoto has expressed before how The Matrix is one of his favourite movies. And it is more than obvious how the Mugen Tsukuyomi is a derivation of the Matrix.

    So what if the similarities don't stop there in the future?

    What if everyone does get trapped in the Mugen Tsukuyomi and the only person who sees it for the Genjutsu it is, is The One.......Naruto!

    The Moon's Eye Plan/Mugen Tsukiyomi is definitely has some link to the matrix.
    Kyuubi's Yin chakra is trapped in the Death God's belly right now.

    What if once that chakra returns to Naruto, he becomes capable of seeing through any sort of Genjutsu?

    I think that would be frikking awesome! What would be your reaction?

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member IChallengeYou!'s Avatar
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    Re: Naruto and the Matrix

    ...If Madara's Matrix will come to light some day, I sure hope it will run Windows XP...

    And when Madara WILL DECIDE to send in an error report, after 500 years he should realize that it doesn't matter.

    (he's that stupid)

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