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Thread: Free Manga Artists

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    Free Manga Artists

    I'm looking for a person that can draw manga, the real stuff with the right proportions - or someone aiming to be able to draw something authentic - a character bursting with emotion.

    I wish to create a MANGA(in english or maybe have it translated in japanese), not some kind of uscomic/manga style hybrid, but the real thing, I really just don't have any talent in my ability. I must warn you though, this will not be a simple "adventure/shonen/lovestory" kinda of manga.

    There may not be any profit involved in this,Yet, but if our work becomes something incredible, we could always try to get it published. I also refuse to put up a website featuring our work if it turns out to be half ass'd junk..( Hopefully it won't T.T ) or at least until it stops looking like ass'd junk. I STRONGLY beleive in improvement over time - this is like playing an mmorpg, the longer you play, the better you get.

    My ideal character/plot would be..

    A teenager that is an underdog and has a hidden talent/affair, is completely oblivious to the people around them, attends school but is oblivious and immune to all social activity, the story begins when the world effects him( rams him hard in the middle of an average day - lol ), the introduction is of him, himself, and his thoughts, the end would be composed of him, the world, and his emotion.

    My name is Jay, and I am 17, and live in US VA. I am willing to work with anyone of any age of any religion and of any race as long as that person provides me with authentic looking manga ^^;

    Thanks for reading. ( really, lol. )

    P.S : I really don't care if you suck right now, as long as you beleive you will improve and become someone that can draw authentic looking manga, If possible I would like to work with multiple artists as well! XD
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    Liar Game Re: Free Manga Artists

    Hello Man, great stuff, I read your article,

    I've a Similar story with much depth that might just be what you want to hear, Keep in mind that I spent a year writing this original eerie, I know you're looking for an artists, and as a matter of fact, I'm a Manga artist myself, However … I do not posses time to draw, I don't even have time to write the rest of the story, but I'll really like to partner and work together because I want to Bring the Serie to the next level

    I'll love to hear back from you, by the way … here is the link that you might want to check out!
    Click HERE

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    Re: Free Manga Artists

    You should probably know this is a year old post and you probably won't get a response from him, you should probably post on the Amateur Manga subforum if you want to look for someone to work with on this.

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