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Thread: Looking for a talented artist

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    Looking for a talented artist

    I'm looking for a person that can draw manga, the real stuff with the right proportions - or someone aiming to be able to draw something authentic - a character bursting with emotion.

    I wish to create a MANGA(in English or maybe have it translated in Japanese), not some kind of us comic/manga style hybrid, but the real thing, I really just don't have any talent in my ability. I must warn you though, this will not be a simple "adventure/shounen/love story" kind of manga.

    There may not be any profit involved in this, yet, but if our work becomes something incredible, we could always try to get it published. I also refuse to put up a website featuring our work if it turns out to be half ass'd junk..(Hopefully it won't T.T ) or at least until it stops looking like ass'd junk. I STRONGLY believe in improvement over time - this is like playing a mmorpg, the longer you play, the better you get.
    My name is Jay, and I am 17, and live in US VA. I am willing to work with anyone of any age of any religion and of any race as long as that person provides me with authentic looking manga ^^

    The artist will be paid in the future based on things like art quality, time taken to make a chapter etc. I t can be between 5-230$ page, but for the time being i would like to find a gifted artist that would do it for free. It also depends on if we get published. If we get published, we can raise it and split the revenue. The first chapter will be between 40-60 pages. I already have the plot settled and working on the developing characters here is a preview.

    Thanks for reading. ( really, lol. )

    Title : Genesis (current name for the series could be changed.)

    Genre : Action , comedy, Adventure, Supernatural

    Plot/Summary: The protagonist is born in a world where everyone has a special power chosen by their parents. His mother died at birth and his father committed suicide shortly after his wife’s death. So the protagonist wasn’t given a power. Those without powers are shunned by the government and killed in solitude. One day while being beaten by his cell guards the protagonist gets so enraged and he does something and all the guards are dead. When he sees his shadow moving differently than he is he freaks out. He discovers his power is that he can control his shadow. He learns that his shadow can duplicate himself, although it takes a lot of energy from him, it can copy the abilities of an opponent and has its own other special hidden abilities. If he beats the person who he fights he gains his opponents supernatural ability. Then he finds his grandfather who gives him a different name and sends him to a friend. The protagonist then starts a life of school and hiding.

    He plans on taking revenge on the government, but he can’t do it without company so while at the school he must also find companions who have unique abilities with extraordinary skill and a natural hate for the government.

    Lance Kanzuma (nickname : D.Z or dark zero) : The protagonist in the story. 14 years old. Average height, has short length hair, a scar across his right cheek, and very serious eyes that match his dark heart. His eyes are the color of a dark gray. Despite his appearance, he is very comedic, out-going, foolish/childish, slightly perverted, hard-headed, and loud like any other teenage boy. His outfit consists mostly of an opened black jacket w/ a white t-shirt, googles that rest in his hair, black long jeans, and a wooden stick strapped across his waist. His favorite things to do are eat , sleep, and fight. He hates injustice, the government, annoying people etc. He lives in a rundown-neighborhood in an old dojo of his grandpa’s friend. He has the power to distort, warp, and alter shadows. He can also copy the abilities of his opponent.

    Nagi Au : A ex-Star five operative that was one of the governments most highest commands. Now he lives in a dojo he runs and looks over his friend’s grandson Lance Kanzuma. He teaches lance moves and how to use his powers. He is extremely knowledgeable and strong. Extremely short around three-foot-tall, long white beard, “closed-eyes”, pony-tail styled hair, has a tattoo of a star on his chest and both hands. He likes to tease Lance and other company, quite comedic, and likes hitting on younger women. He hates ugly women, disrespectful people, people who abuse their powers, and the government. He has the power to control and manipulate light.

    All potential artist can contact me at my email

    I may not be in the right place , sorry if I am not , but I just had a question I would like to ask. I was wondering if there were any free manga artists around that might be looking to pair up to write a manga. I have narrow it down to 3 very good ideas and am willing to plan them out with a artist.

    As an inspiring up and coming unpublished writer, I believe I have what it takes. I have posted many short story novels on a different site that has generated many likes a views and almost won an award. So I do not come with out talent. I am looking for an talented artist to draw a manga series with me.

    I feel like my message would be more clearly understood in a manga rather than in words. I tend to want a make a hero themed manga . I fighting art style is preferred.

    More can be learned if you are a free artist and want to pair up. Just shoot me a quick PM( do they have PMs here.) I'm sorry I'm quite new to this site. Or just post below.
    Anyway have a good day(:
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    Re: Looking for a talented artist

    Hey, Lepto, let's keep the request in one thread, only^^' We kinda had three about that from you. I'm sure that the interested ones will mail you!

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