MangaHelpers Art Contest Week 27-28 ~ Poems & Lyrics - Dream!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the voting phase of MH's Art Contest Week 27-28 for the Poems & Lyrics category. Thank you to everyone who have taken the time to write and submit your lovely poems for this contest! Make sure to pick the most touching piece in your opinion. Now it's time to cast your vote in.

Voting Details:

• Voting will automatically be closed on April 28, 2013 at 20:00 PM (-3 GMT).
• You may only vote once and for one of the submissions.
• Announcement of winners and next contest and new theme will be done as soon as possible after the voting period is over.

Quote Quote:
Entry 1: "To Have You" by FaustXIII
It's hard to have a slumber,
Especially when all you can get is a nightmare.
It's hard to fight in the darkness,
When your only weapon is consciousness
It's hard to risk everything on what you see,
And failed to recognize the reality.

I sleep because I want to dream,
Dream about you or the triumph of my favorite team.
Interact to those who passed away,
Or just see unexpected things and play.

I don't care on what they say
To be with you is what I always pray.
And in my dreams it was granted
To be with you my beloved.

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Entry 2: "Unconscious Memories" by RezzieThaRapper
Love to be awake when I'm sleeping
My mind imagines many creatures
I could die but not meet the reaper
Have fun with my inner demons

Whether it becomes something that makes me awake in panic
I'll withstand it, because the next one might be good...

In your dream the girl of your dreams is with you
Act fairly fast though, you might awaken before she kiss you
Or she'll disappear and you'll start... falling frantic
Off a cliff, forever and ever like the earth was imagined

Whether it becomes something that makes me awake in panic
I'll withstand it, because the next one might be good...

So as my reverse insomnia begins again this night
I imagine I'm good looking up at evil ready to fight
Standing here with my Idols, Goku & Luffy
In the land of the brain that I enter when my eyes are droopy

Looking like something out of a fantasy movie crafted under the influence
Maybe shouldn't ate that extra candybar before I started snoozing
I swear the headphones aren't on and I'm hearing music, and it's changing colors
Taking shape of my mother saying wake up it's time for supper

Midday day dreaming becomes something that'll make me panic
But I'll withstand it, because that dream was rather good

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Entry 3: "Unconscious" by Asclepius
The most peaceful place
Felt like a dream
I couldn't see a face
Nor say anything

It felt so unreal
So hard to believe
But i could still feel
My heart and my breath

I wanna go back to that place
In one month or in a few years
To remember the traces
Of having no fears

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Entry 4: "Dream Haiku" by hatsuharupeace
A moment vivid,
Forgotten like a breeze,
In bed wondering.

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Entry 5: "Z⁵" by Ankaiu
discover dead dillingers dirty deed
repeatedly refit reality, reading rocks
eat extremly edgy escaping escargots
add another anonymously acclaimed arson
making monstrously much money mountains