Unfortunately, Yagi and the Claymore Saga's storyline seems to be very incompatible with chronological stability. Throughout the manga and anime, there are several flashblacks that completely disorient any previously established timeline. While analyzing and attempting to understand characters, themes, and aspects of the Claymore saga, I find myself constantly shifting through chapters to remind myself of which event preceded the other. Although many others, and I myself as well, could consider ourselves as having commendable memorizational skills, it is simply impossible to mentally organize every single Claymore event and story arc or flashblack into a chronological sequence. So I decided to scour the Internet for any timeline that was offered.

It has occurred to me that, although there are partial timelines, none can be considered as fully completed. With several hours of spare time, I decided to embark on a quest to logically organize every single Claymore character flashback and story arc into a fully chronological sequence to the best of my abilities. Although many of the story arcs are not directly established at a specific time by Yagi within the story plot, overlapping areas of the story such as Claymore warriors transcending through multiple generations, contributed to a much more accurate timeline.

While categorizing the events, I considered many factors in order to come up with a final time line. I took each Claymore warrior's generation as well as relative time into account to produce this timeline.
As noticed below, I divided each major event into a respective "era". Another discrepancy to note is that there is no constant factor in which time changes from each era to another, or even from each number to the next. Sometimes, one number to the next occurs within a matter of seconds, whereas in other situations, one number to the next could denote several years or more. Although it is impossible to create a flawless timeline, with the combined knowledge of all the Claymore manga editions, I have established a chronological timeline that meets all logical standards.

Furthermore, I typed up this timeline in hopes of allowing easy navigation to every character's events. In order to find a character and his/her events throughout the timeline, simply use Ctrl+F and type the name in.

Hopefully, this time line will allow deeper analytical ideas to emerge and further clarify the muddled aspects of the Claymore World.

Era 1- The Mainland, the War, and Origins of the Organization

1.The Mainland Continent exists, and many different countries develop.
2.The Mainland Continent envelops into a multi-participant war.
3.The war's participants gradually emerge into two alliance-formed sides; one side is allied with the Descendants of Dragons (also known as Asarakam), the other the future-Organization's side.
4.Some years pass, and the Organization's side realizes they are experiencing a great disadvantage, against the Descendants of Dragons, who had extremely tough hide.
5.Research is done on the Asarakam as the Organization's side soon realizes their disadvantage is the overpowering power of the DoD.
The following are confirmed;
-The Asarakam have an unawakened and an awakened form
-The Asarakam uses a form of energy similar to Yoki release
-The unawakened Asarakam is already twice the size of humans
-The unawakaned Asarakam are hermaphrodites and have a life span of about 200 years
-The unawakened Asarakam can awaken into a colossal awakened monster that has a massive size and height, extremely tough hide, and cannot revert back once awakened
6.The Organization's side captures an unawakened Asarakam and an awakened Asarakam and succeeds in keeping them alive but confined.
7.With the captured Asarakam, the first Yoma are created from fusing flesh taken from the captured Asarakam, resulting in a parasite, that when merged with a human, gradually alters the brain and changes the person, granting them "Yoma power", or Yoki emitting abilities.
7.With flesh and blood of Yoma, the first generation of human-hybrids are created; male Claymores.
8.The male Claymores are sent into battle and are only asked to use their Yoki release upon encountering the DoD.
9.The male Claymores are unable to resist awakening, and completely awaken.
10.Some DoD are destroyed by the awakened males. However, the male Claymores cannot control their awakened form and continue to fight until they are destroyed or return and wreck havoc on the Organization's troops due to their mind becoming partially insane and altered from awakening.
11.The war rages on through some years. The Organization's side is troubled by their male Claymores not being able to control Yoki release and decide to look for a secluded location to conduct further research on these newly dubbed human-monster hybrid weapons; "the Awakened Beings".
12.The Claymore Island is chosen as the location, and an offshoot of the Organization's allied side is sent to the island, along with the captured Asarakam and perhaps the mysterious material used to create Claymore weapons. This group is named "the Organization", the one we know of now. The Organization settles in the island's east's wastelands, named Sutafu.

Era 2- The First Male Claymore Generation of Isley

1.Research is further conducted, and the first generation of 47 male Claymores is created on the island. The Claymore base principles are established, and the island is divided into 47 regions for each Claymore.
2.Through training, rankings for the males are established, with Isley as number 1, Rigaldo number 2, Dauf number 3, and Chronos number 4.
3.Yoma are no longer scarcely made as experiments, but rather mass-produced. The first wave of Yoma parasites are merged with humans and injected into widespread areas around the island's east, as far as the Organization can efficiently transport. The Yoma eat about once every two weeks. As Yoma are replaced and inserted at regular rates, a rumor of Yoma existing on the island ever since the start was spread and generally accepted. However, some remote locations were never infected by the Organization, and the villages and towns there never experienced Yoma plagues.
4.Isley, Rigaldo, and Dauf meet on Vinci Hill. The first generation of female warriors is created. The three meet Riful, who has just completed training, at the hill.
5.The male Claymores have pretty much all awakened, either unvoluntarily, or voluntarily.
6.Isley is the last male Claymore who has not awakened, and voluntarily awakens. He settles in the North lands of Alfons (Alphonse) with some other male Claymores and rules over the land and fellow male Claymores as the Silver King.
7.The Organization decides that male Claymores cannot be further produced and completely stops the production of male Claymores. Production of female Claymores commences.

Era 3- Riful and the Abyssal One Term

1.Riful emerges are rank number 1 Claymore, yet is a young girl.
2.Riful rebels against the Organization and awakens at a very young age, one of the youngest ever to awaken. She settles in the West lands of Lautrec.
3.The Organization categorizes Isley and Riful, who are both awakened now, into a specific domain called "Abyssal Ones". Thus, from there on, any rank 1 Claymore who awakens will be classified as such.
4.More generations pass with number 1s, including, but not in specific order of power or Claymore "era"; Heavy-Bladed Chloe, Three-Armed Licht, Sistina the Divine Oracle, and Lutecia the Universal.
Dauf deserts Isley and the other male Claymores, meets Riful, and begins a romantic relationship.
The Organization begins to ponder through solutions about making Awakening much more controllable and being able to switch freely from human to awakened form and back.

Era 4- Roxanne and Cassandra's Timeline

1.Cassandra develops the Dust Eater technique in order to save her friends. The technique is so strange and scary that Cassandra becomes alienated.
2.Roxanne finishes training and goes from trainee to Claymore warrior, receiving her first number: Claymore warrior number 35. Roxanne discovers her Yoki Synchronization (YS) skill.
3.Roxanne goes on her first Awakened Being (AB) hunt, led by warrior number 5 at that time, Elizabeth and with warriors 18, 22, 31(Uranus), and 35(Roxanne).
4.Uranus uses her Blade of Evil and Roxanne YSs this and mimicked the style.
5.The two grew closer, partly since their regions were closely located, and partly since other warriors kept away.
6.Roxanne realizes her strength had surpassed that of Uranus. Roxanne is raised to rank number 24.
7.Shortly after Roxanne was promoted to number 24, she goes on a team hunt with Uranus. Uranus's style begins to look ugly and she dies in the hunt.
8.Roxanne goes on a team hunt with number 9 Naideen, who fought without her right eye, which was lost as a child. Naideen's depth perception was lacking, so her fighting stlye revolved around Yoki Perception (YP). During the battle, Roxanne "supposedly" lost her right eye and begins to wear an eyepatch as well.
9.Roxanne and Naideen develop a friendship that even the Organization accepted. Both participate on many team hunts.
10.Around a time where Roxanne's abilities became close to Naideens, they participate together on an AB team hunt. Naideen dies mysteriously (even though the opponent was a single low-ranked AB).
11.After the battle, Roxanne's eye returned to normal instantly.
12.Roxanne gets promoted to rank 11, and other warriors considered her very creepy. Elizabeth, rank 5, shortly died after Roxanne mimicked the former's beautiful sword technique.
13.Roxanne is promoted to rank 5. At that time, rank 1 Cassandra's power was absolute; not even the rank 2 could compete with her.
Cassandra used her Claymore with her left hand, which was pretty rare. She never teamed up and always did AB hunts alone, coming back without a scratch, and the opponent hacked into pieces.
14.Roxanne meets Cassandra in the mountains near Lautrec. The two spar together occasionally, although Cassandra's swordmanship didn't even match up to Elizabeth, rank 5's technique. Cassandra still did not go on AB hunts with Roxanne.
15.Roxanne develops a special technique that allowed her to completely hide her Yoki from a particular target. She uses this technique to witness Cassandra's "Dust Eater" technique.
16.After the AB hunt, Roxanne speaks with Cassandra about a nickname, and dubs "Cassandra the Dust Eater". Roxanne leaves Cassandra.
17.Cassandra saves a number 35 warrior with Dust Eater, the sole survivor of an AB hunt, and suprisingly, the number 35 befriends Cassandra. The two become the best of friends.
18.Roxanne is promoted to rank 2 and Cassandra's friend joins Roxanne (the leader of the team) on an AB hunt. The friend is killed and torn to pieces.
19.Cassandra is angered and hunts the AB and brings its head. Roxanne gathers warriors at the Organization's Headquarts and warns them that Cassandra may be planning a revolt.
20.Cassandra returns and is angered by Roxanne. Cassandra loses herself and uses the Dust Eater recklessly. The warriors, even though afraid,hack at her and Cassandra continues towards Roxanne.
21.Only Roxanne is laughing, and Roxanne uses the Blade of Evil's hilt to stop Cassandra's Dust Eater. The warriors hack Cassandra to pieces.

Era 5- Luciela and Rafaella Incident

1.Teresa is sold to the Organization by the people she trusted. Teresa had black hair and guessed her parents named her after one of the Twin Goddesses of Love.
2.Luciela and Rafaella, two sisters, (Luciela being the elder), are taken by the Organization and trained for a new "Soul Link" project. Finally, the Organization is elaborating on the idea of Yoki Synchronization to further their research towards a successfully controlled Awakening. The solution to Yoki Synchronization would be to have two very similar Yokis, and the two sisters would supposedly suffice.
3.The Organization gathers and decides to attempt a first test run of the Soul Link procedure.
Luciela is the awakening component, and Rafaella is the synchronizer responsible for keeping Luciela's will and sanity in check.
4.Rafaella begins to lose control of Luciela's sanity and Luciela begins to go insane. Rafaella loses her left eye.
5.Luciela kills over half the Organization's Claymore warrior force and trainees, marking the first time the Organization ever came close to falling.
6.Rafaella's will is too weak and desperately tries to make Luciela come back [to human form], but it is too late. Luciela leaves Sutafu.
7.Dae brands the experiment as a failure, and that mere sisters would not suffice for the soul linking procedure. It is said that Rafaella's will was too weak.
8.Rafaella is hospitalized in the Claymore Headquarters. She talks with Rubel about the incident. Rafaella continues to suppress her Yoki. She chooses to not regenerate her eye, (even though she is offensive, she is still able to regenerate it) as a reminder of her failure with Luciela.
9.Luciela has settled in the South and is dubbed as a third "Abyssal One" by the Organization. The Organization decides to lay back for a while due to warrior shortage and avoidance of creating another Luciela (since Rafaella's power was equal to that of Luciela). Rafaella loses her number and is erased from the Organization's history. Rafaella is told to stay quiet and keep a low profile, and become isolated and secluded.
10.Rafaella dons a cloak and leaves the Organization.
11.Rafaella visits a village where a man named Zemu has had his twin girls taken by the Organization. These twin girls are assumed to be Alicia and Beth, as the Organization has decided to attempt the Soul Link again, but with even more precise Yoki Synchronization.
12.Rafaella wanders into a forest near the village and washes her face in a river. Rafaella is still suppressing her Yoki. She is encountered by a trainee Teresa, who asks Rafaella about how Rafaella is making her Yoki fade out.
13.A man from the Organization finds Teresa and takes her back, calling her a "problem child". Rafaella is amazed at how the young trainee made it through a wilderness full of Yoma and wild beasts.
14.Rafaella continues to stay hidden and suppress her Yoki, wandering through the Claymore island.

Era 6- Hysteria and the Rockwell Hill Warrior's Massacre

1.Teresa completes her training and is immediately ranked as a single-digit warrior.
2.Hysteria becomes rank number 1 Claymore warrior.
3.Hysteria is nearing her limit but does not send a Black Card out because she does not want to die.
4.A group of warriors are sent with Hysteria to Rockwell Hill. They ambush her and attempt to kill her. However, none could match Hysteria's speed and corpses piled up.
5.Teresa deals a critical blow to Hysteria that dulled the latter's movements.
6.Rosemary, warrior number 4, deals the finishing blow to Hysteria.
7.Rosemary is promoted to number 1 Claymore.

Era 7- Rosemary and Teresa

1.Teresa overtakes Rosemary as rank 1 Claymore, determined by the Organization without a fight.
2.Rosemary is angry at losing her rank to Teresa and awakens in order to defeat her.
3.Teresa finishes her Yoma killing at a village and meets with Orsay.
4.Rosemary sends a Black Card to Teresa, through Orsay, attempting to lure her and kill her off.
5.Teresa meets Rosemary at Godahl Plateau.
6.Rosemary attacks Teresa and awakens.
7.Awakened Rosemary appears to have gained the upper hand, but Teresa easily twists off an arm.
8.Teresa releases 10% Yoki (or enough Yoki to make her eyes change color), astounding Awakened Rosemary and slices her to pieces.
9.Teresa reports back to Orsay, saying she finished the job.

Era 8- Priscilla's Past

1.Priscilla's town in the South encounters Yoma killings. The town is poor and isolated, and cannot afford a Claymore. The chief decides to lock in each of the fifteen families for two weeks to isolate the Yoma. Each family is given a sword to take care of the Yoma if it is found to be inside the family.
2.Priscilla's family is locked in for two weeks.
3.Priscilla wakes up at night and coincidentally arrives to see her father eating her family's guts. Priscilla is in shock and does not cry. She then immediately grabs the sword and slices her father's [the Yoma] head off.
4.Priscilla is taken by the Organization, as she fits the criteria as an orphan girl who had lost her family to Yoma.

Era 9- Teresa and Clare

1.Teresa finishes up a Yoma killing request and meets with Orsay, inquiring if the village paid or not. Orsay confirms the payment and directs Teresa to her next job.
2.Teresa arrives at the town and easily slays six out of the seven Yoma in disguise.
3.Teresa finds the seventh Yoma to be hiding behind a little girl, and slays the Yoma.
4.The little girl attempts to follow Teresa, even after Teresa kicks her and rejects her several times.
5.Teresa leaves the village and goes into a forest. The girl still follows her. Teresa and the girl encounter a group of bandits and Teresa accidentally cuts off one of the bandit's hands. The bandit leader knows about the Claymores' no killing humans rule and the bandit group teases Teresa.
6.Teresa scares the bandits off and tells the girl to get lost, but the girl still follows her. Teresa jumps off a cliff, not expecting the girl to follow, but she does. The girl falls and falls unconscious. Teresa drops the girl in a lake to wake her and decides to take her to the next village over. Teresa correctly guesses the girl's name: Clare.
7.Teresa goes for a walk at night and the bandit whose hand was sliced attempts to sexually abuse her. Teresa does not care but Clare emerges and assaults the bandit. Teresa saves Clare.
8.Clare tells Teresa that she looked like she was in pain and Teresa realizes she herself was the one being comforted. "This little girl, who's not even half my size...taught me that tears can flow even from these silver eyes."
9.Teresa drops Clare off at the next village after killing off a Yoma, even though Clare wants to go with Teresa. After leaving, Teresa notices the bandits raiding the village and realizes that the Yoma had been scaring off the bandits from the village all that time.
10.Teresa goes back to see the village being torn apart, and after seeing Clare being kidnapped, loses herself and slays all the bandits. Orsay is standing on a roof, watching Teresa.
11.An execution team of five is sent to kill Teresa, but she immobilizes all five, and leaves Orsay, saying that she has decided to live for Clare.
12.Orsay is troubled and orders numbers 2 to 5 to be sent to hunt for Teresa's head.
13.Irene gives up her rank 2 to Priscilla. Irene is sent to a Yoma village to gather up Windstorm Noah and Muscular Sophia, along with Priscilla, to inform them about their execution mission.
14.Teresa and Clare settle in a village inn. Irene enters first and does the Quicksword (QS) on Teresa. Teresa easily counters Irene and then Sophia and Noah drive Teresa out of the inn.
15.Teresa fights Priscilla head on, but since Priscilla is not emitting any Yoki, Teresa simply relies on raw power to beat her.
16.Irene is the first to notice Teresa gaining the upper hand and barely saves Priscilla. Noah and Sophia assault Teresa. The four release Yoki but Teresa easily defeats all four with her incredible Yoki Perception.
17.Teresa leaves the village and walks up the mountains. Priscilla goes wild and releases high amounts of Yoki and chases after Teresa. Because of so much Yoki, Teresa is unable to read Priscilla's flow and gets slightly cut on the forehead. Priscilla is quickly approaching the limit.
18.Teresa decides to release 10% Yoki and easily repels Priscilla. Irene, Sophia, and Noel watch in amazement.
19.Priscilla starts to awaken but begs Teresa to euthanize her. Taken by surprise, Priscilla cuts off Teresa's hands before decapitating her head and then fully awakening. (Note:It is heavily disputed whether Priscilla intentionally or unintentionally took Teresa by surprise. While it could have been part of a trick, Priscilla's awakening mind could have overwhelmed her will.)
20.Irene attacks Priscilla but loses one arm upon crossing swords once. Noel and Sophia follow up with an attack but both are killed easily. Irene, although suffering a critical injury, does not die. Priscilla flies away, oblivious of a shocked Clare.
21.Clare lets out a scream from all the sorrow and grief, picks up Teresa's head, and walks into town.
22.Clare meets Rubel and demands that Teresa's flesh and blood be put inside of her [willingly wanted to become a Claymore].
23.Rubel finds Rafaella in an isolated cave and informs her about Teresa's death and the awakening of Priscilla. He tells Rafaella that the Organization has a warrior shortage and offers information on Luciela in exchange for Rafaella rejoining the Organization as number 5.
24.Isley, Riful, and Luciela (the AOs) begin to gather armies because a new equal or greater power [Priscilla] has been born.

Era 10- Building Up the Past

1.Clare joins the Organization and meets Elena. The two comfort each other each night after as pain drives through their entire body from the operation.
2.Priscilla continues to feed on villages of humans. Priscilla encounters Ophelia's family in a village. Ophelia's brother saves Ophelia by charging at Priscilla to distract her attention. Miraculously, Priscilla never ate any young girls. Ophelia is soon taken into the Organization as she fits the criteria of an orphan girl whose family had been taken by the Yoma or Awakened Beings.
3.Priscilla journeys to the North and destroys entire villages. Isley is annoyed by this situation and sends Rigaldo to kill her. Priscilla easily defeats Rigaldo. Isley shows up and awakens to battle Priscilla. Isley easily gains the upper hand, nearly killing Priscilla, but she instantly regenerates and obliterates half of Isley's torso in a split instant. Priscilla then reverts back to human form and experiences memory loss. Isley, intent on using Priscilla to conquer more territories, pledges his loyalty to her.
4.Ophelia attains rank number 4.
5.Hilda, number 6, leads Miria, number 17, and a team in an AB hunt. The two become friends.
6.Ophelia leads an AB hunt with Miria in the team, but there is only Yoma and Ophelia sits back with Ermito.
7.Hilda encounters Ophelia and gives her Black Card to her, asking the latter to give it to the next Black Cloak [handler; man in black; etc] she saw. Ophelia rips the card in half instead, condemning Hilda to soon awaken.
8.Ophelia leads Miria, rank 8 now, with a team on an AB hunt. The target is Hilda. While encountering Hilda, the AB restrains from fully unleashing its Yoki.
9.Ophelia cuts off Awakened Hilda's arms and legs, and Miria goes for the head. After cutting the head, Miria notices that it was Hilda.
10.Miria begins to awaken out of sorrow, and Ophelia prepares in excitement to fight her. However, Miria stops halfway and becomes a half-awakened (HA).
11.Deneve's family is killed by a Yoma. Deneve's older sister shoves her under a bed to save her. Deneve is taken to the Organization and becomes a Claymore.
12.Undine's friend dies and Undine takes up a double-sword style.
13.Deneve is respected by Helen and the two become good friends.
13.Clare has her training test. She is the only one to notice the Yoma and defeat it.
14.Clare becomes number 47 Claymore warrior.
15.Clare's friend, Elena, becomes a Claymore warrior.
16.Raki's brother, Zaki, is infected and becomes a Yoma. Raki's family is killed by Zaki, but Raki himself is spared.

Era 11- Clare's Generation

1.Raki's village's chief decides to call for a Claymore. Clare comes and Raki talks with her. Clare kills Zaki. Clare tells Raki her name and shortly leaves. Raki is thrown out from the village for fear that he will turn into a Yoma as well.
2.Clare finishes some various jobs of slaying Yoma and talks with Rubel. She finds Raki in a desert and saves him by bringing him into the next town's inn.
3.Raki leaves the inn searching for Clare, venturing into a forest and encountering a Claymore. However, it is an Yoma in disguise and Raki is held hostage. Clare defeats the Yoma and brings Raki as her cook.
4.Clare recieves a Black Card from Elena and euthanizes her, then properly burying her and marking the grave with Elena's Claymore.
5.Clare journeys to the Holy City of Rabona, where Claymores are despised and barred from entering. Under the concealment of Yoki-supressants, she sneaks into the city's church with Raki and meets with Father Vincent.
6.Clare has trouble finding the Yoma, but it turns out to be hiding in a dead corpse. Clare saves two guards, Sid and Galk, from the Yoma, but is injured herself.
7.After resting for two days, Clare once again pursues the Yoma and kills it.
8.However, Clare releases too much Yoma energy and goes over the limit. She is about to awaken until Raki hugs her and stops the Yoki flow. Clare becomes a half-awakened (HA).
9.Clare is placed into a team for clearing a town with a possible AB in it, but there turns out to be only Yoma, which Clare kills instead of waiting for her team, thus disobeying orders.
10.Clare talks with Rubel about Priscilla and Rubel adds her to an AB hunt team.
11.Clare goes on the AB hunt with Helen rank 22, Deneve rank 15, and Miria rank 6(as leader). Raki stays at an inn.
12.As rank 47, Clare is continually ridiculed by Helen and Deneve. Miria spars with Clare under hidden Yoki but Clare attempts to read Miria's Yoki.
13.The AB is a male AB and easily defeats Helen, Deneve, and Clare.
14.Ermito calls Galatea to watch on the team from far away by using her unique Yoki sensing abilities.
15.Helen is able to extend her arms, and Deneve is able to regenerate at astounding speed. Miria notices this and begins to suspect something.
16.Miria uses her Phantom Mirage to battle the AB, but later comes close to reaching her limit and gets caught and tortured. Clare uses her YP skills and nearly defeats the AB by reading its Yoki flow to avoid any attacks. However, when switching to offensive, she unable to continue use YP and gets damaged.
17.Miria gets back up and assists Clare in defeating the AB.
18.Miria tells the team about them being problem warriors and half-awakened. Each member of the team had gone past their limits but turned back before. As a half-awakened, the power of a warrior increases but they are susceptible to awakening much quickly. Miria also suspects that the Organization sent the team to die at the mountains on the mission. Miria informs the team about the origin of male ABs. Miria tells the team that with their half-awakened state, they can now match up to single digit warriors. However, she warns the group about the top five warriors; Rafaella, Ophelia, Galatea, Beth, and Alicia.
19.Deneve tests his awakening in order to heal his fatal wounds. He is able to come back after crossing the limit again.
20.Galatea percieves Deneve's awakening but lies to Ermito about it and walks away.
21.Clare is sent on another AB hunt, this time with a much stronger opponent. Clare's companion is Ophelia, rank 4. Ophelia immediately suspects Clare and teases her, but Raki assaults Ophelia. Ophelia plays a bloody game with Clare and Raki until the AB arrives.
22.Ophelia hands Raki to the AB but Clare goes past her limit to save Raki and flees.
23.Ophelia kills the AB and goes after Clare and Raki.
24.Raki and Clare part separate ways on the promise that they will meet back up again.
25.Clare battles with Ophelia and tries to use YP. Ophelia uses her Rippling Sword. Clare intentionally loses her arm and flees into a river.
26.Ophelia finds Clare again and is about to kill her when Irene intervenes. Irene's QS defeats Ophelia.
27.Irene nurses Clare back to health in a week. Irene talks to Clare about Teresa and the incident. Irene teaches Clare the QS and gives her right arm to Clare.
28.Ophelia remembers and is confused by her childhood memories while being stranded and injured in the forest and awakens from pain, rage, and anger.
29.Clare departs from Irene and promises to return her arm after she completes what she needs to do (kill Priscilla). Shortly after, Rafaella encounters Irene. It is unknown whether Rafaella killed or spared Irene.
30.Awakened Ophelia battles Clare. Clare defeats Ophelia and starts looking for Raki.
31.The Organization has lost contact with Clare for a long time and decides to send Galatea looking for her.
32.Clare stays at an inn in a town under Yoki-suppressant pills. However, a team of Claymores pass through the village and almost notice her. Jean, heading the hunt, leads the team into Riful and Dauf's castle in the mountains near the town.
33.Clare looks for Raki a bit more, and sees a statue of Teresa and Clare, the Twin Goddesses of Love and learns that Raki had visited the statue some time earlier.
34.Riful and Dauf capture the team and torture them in an attempt to awaken them, but one warrior escapes and runs back to town. Clare decides to join the hunt.
35.Clare is captured by Dauf, but Galatea arrives and saves her.
36.Galatea attempts to leave, but Dauf collapses the entrance and battles with her. Galatea uses YS to redirect Dauf's attacks. Riful appears and teaches Dauf how to ignore Galatea's YS.
37.Galatea is pinned down by Dauf but Clare goes past the limit to save her. Clare has trouble suppressing her Yoma energy, but Galatea uses YS to bring her back.
38.Galatea requires Jean's Drill Sword to defeat Dauf and asks Clare to go find Jean from below the castle.
39.Clare finds Jean, whose body is already awakened, and successfullly reverts her back. Jean becomes a half-awakened (HA).
40.Clare combines QS with YP to aim her QS on specific locations on Dauf's body. While Clare and Galatea fend off Dauf's offensive attacks, Jean successfully Drill Swords through Dauf's body.
40.Clare, Jean, and Galatea defeat Dauf and go for the finishing blow but Riful saves Dauf and shows her true awakened form. Clare manages to land a strike of Riful's head.
41.As a reward, Riful tells Clare about Isley and Priscilla.
42.Galatea lets Clare go instead of bringing her back to the Organization.
43.Back in the Organization, Alicia is asked if she could beat Riful. Alicia replys that she cannot yet.
44.Rubel finds Clare and Jean with the help of Rafaella and send them to Pieta in the North to fight ABs with the other Claymores. He also mentions that Raki had went to the North as an incentive for Clare.

Era 12- Pieta and the Battle of the North

1.Clare and Jean arrive at the town of Pieta, seeing many other Claymores gathered there.
Clare reunites with Deneve and Helen.
2.All the warriors at Pieta are divided into five AB-standard hunt teams, with a single digit as a team leader; Miria (number 6), Flora (number 8), Jean (number 9), Undine (number 11), Veronica (number 13).
3.Miria, Helen, Deneve, and Clare

Era 13- The Seven Ghosts

1.While hiding and training in the snowy mountains of the North, the Seven Ghosts encounter a Claymore sword, and Miria recognizes it to Hilda's weapon. Miria finds Hilda's grave and properly uses the sword as a gravemarker.

Era 14- Clarice's Generation
Era 15- Claymore Rebellion
Era 16- Rabona

The reason of why I did not go in detail at all for the later eras is because the Claymore series goes into detail on those specific eras and does not tend to jump back and forth a lot.
The stuff that happened before Clare became a Claymore is what gets flashback'd to a lot, so that's what I really wanted to document.
I finished this timeline quite a while back; some few months ago but never thought about posting it until now.
I've been using it as a reference source for my own arguments and discussions, so hopefully it'll help a bit now for the Forums.