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View Poll Results: Who will be the first to be defeated?

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  • Blackbeard

    1 1.89%
  • Shanks

    1 1.89%
  • Big Mom

    18 33.96%
  • Kaidoh

    33 62.26%
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Thread: First Yonkou to go down?

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    Re: First Yonkou to go down?

    Seems like it fits the best here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Wha View Post
    just thought about it: do you think the yonkou are stable? I mean, Luffy wants to defeat all of them (he stated so himself) - but will he defeat the current yonkou or will he have to fight new ones? Their are guys like Dofla (who was stated to be THE Underground Broker & was given credit even from Aokiji) or Kidd & his alliance who could defeat a yonkou (i guess) - so do you think their will be new yonkous Luffy will have to deal with? Maybe he isn't even fighting kaidou because he is defeated before they can fight (or Big Mam or Shanks). BB is the only one i would bet on staying a yonkou til Luffy fights with him (because of his unique body, his different df abilities, his part in capturing Ace, .......)
    Well, the ones who defeat the Yonkou will have to take on the risk that the resulting power vacuum may be a huge advantage for the Marines to gain more and more influence in the New World. Whitebeard's death resulted in Sakazuki placing the Marine Headquarters in the New World. I don't think that the Yonkou would have let the Marines do this, if Whitebeard was still alive...

    There is going to be a "carnage" that will result in at least Bigmam an Kaidou to fall. But as there's not only Luffy/Law and Kid/Hawkins/Apoo alliances out there in the New World, Luffy may have to deal with both rivals of his own generation and other super-strong pirates that could take a yonkou's place.

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    Re: First Yonkou to go down?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiten View Post
    A Yonkou already has fallen, the New World already has fallen into chaos, and a new Yonkou had already been named. While possible, I don't see any reason to believe Oda will scrap the idea of the Yonkou after Kaido and Mom are defeated. After all the gibberish about the "Worst Generation" during the Punk Hazard arc, Oda probably is maneuvering to replace the old generation with the new generation. He already has done that with Whitebeard, replacing him with Teach, a member of the Worst Generation. He has set everything up perfectly for Kid and Luffy to join him. Much later on, as the Strawhat's and Blackbeard Pirates get closer to a showdown, it would make sense to eliminate the institution of Yonkou. At that point Luffy and Blackbeard could be presented more or less as equals, or Teach alone at the top, with Luffy as his last remaining, reasonable challenger. At this point it is too early. It would not make sense to eliminate the Yonkou at the very point where the institution just became prominent to the plot. If they are eliminated with the defeat of Kaido and/or Big Mom, the Yonkou will have only mattered long enough to be defeated, the institution will have had no effect on continued plot development in the New World.
    I don't agree with this, the situation has stabilized in the NW during the timeskip because Teach managed to control all the territories of WB easily, the whole Yonko system didn't disappear because Teach was there, ready to take the place.

    I still do believe that there can't be a " PK " if the Yonko are there, at least, Luffy will never be able to sail freely if the Yonko are there, hence why I believe the whole system will be gone after the defeat of Kaido/BM, because then, not only Teach will move, but Shanks too, the Marines, and many other big shots in the NW. It's not everyday that we get to see such an unbalance happen, that is why you can be sure that there's a lot of pirates and even the WG, waiting for such an opportunity. I'm not saying Kaido/BM will die, but the balance, the influence they have will definitely shatter, possible rebellion too (from their allies), this what I mean by the Yonko system will disappear... I wouldn't be surprised if the Marines will launch a full scale attack on the territories of both BM/Kaido if they will be defeated, and even BB making a move to get these territories under his rule, and I think Shanks is keeping a close eye on BB and will probably react if BB does something outrageous too

    Now about the new generation, I agree with you that Oda will replace the old generation with the new one, with eventually making Luffy/BB the top contenders for the PK

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