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Thread: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

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    Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

    Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

    Alternative Title: A Certain Scientific Railgun
    Episodes: 24
    Status: Finished Airing
    Aired: Oct 3, 2009 to Mar 20, 2010
    Producers: J.C. Staff, Geneon Universal Entertainment, FUNimation EntertainmentL, Movic, AT-X, ASCII Media Works, Project Railgun
    Genres: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Super Power

    Opening: #1: "only my railgun" by fripSide (eps 2-14)
    #2: "LEVEL 5 -judgelight-" by fripSide (eps 15-23)
    Ending: #1: "only my railgun" by fripSide (ep 1)
    #2: "Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he-" by ELISA (eps 2-11, 13-14, 24)
    #3: "Smile -You and Me-" by ELISA (eps 12)
    #4: "Real Force" by ELISA (eps 15-23)

    Academy City is a highly developed place in terms of technology. It is said to be 20 to 30 years ahead of the rest of the world, and 80% of its 2.3 million residents are students. The focus of studies here is directed towards esper powers. Misaka Mikoto, one of the top level espers in town, shares a room with Kuroko Shirai, another high level esper who is a member of Judgement, a law enforcing agency composed of students. Both attend Tokiwadai, a private school reserved for the high-leveled and the rich. Kuroko's partner at Judgement, Kazari Uiharu, is a low level esper who studies at Sakugawa middle school. Her best friend and classmate there is Ruiko Saten, a level zero, one who has no esper powers. Together, the four encounter several adventures in the exciting scientific town.

    (Source: ANN)

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    Re: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

    i am liking it so far, i absolutely love the artwork and the characters may be the most kawaii girls in any anime ive seen

    i went back and watched the first few episodes of index just to learn more about how misaka's rail-gun works

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