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Thread: The idea of "PEACE" in Naruto

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    The idea of "PEACE" in Naruto

    Hello guys...

    Can 'True Peace' really be attained in the Naruto world?

    After this war how can we assure that 'true peace' will really exist considering the concept of 'ninjaworld'?.
    I believe as long as the ninja system exists there can never be true peace.

    I believe no matter what Naruto does in the future because of the existence of jutsus and ninjas system there will still be conflicts and competitions and thus can still breed to hatred.

    So Naruto maybe will help or initiate eradicate the ninja system so that people can have peace finally w/o jutsu competition and power greediness and hence the prophecy about him of the Great Toad Sage becomes true. Ninja techs I believe can really sprout people in the future of Orochimaru or Madara's thinking.

    What do you think?
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