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Thread: Demon Genesis - Original Story

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    Demon Genesis - Original Story

    So about 2 years ago I came up with the rough outline for this manga idea I have called Demon Genesis. Over the months I've constantly updated and changed things and come up with new ideas for the manga and I want to show you all what I have so far.

    It is WAYYYYYY too long didn't read material but It's broken down into 3 parts. Firstly, the back story. Next are some little tidbits that one should know about the story. Lastly is a first chapter writing. It would be greatly appreciated if you all read at least one of these sections that most interests you... or all of it ideally so I can get your honest opinions and thoughts on this work.

    So with out further a due, here it is. Each section is separated. Also I tried color coding each of the character's dialog in the chapter one part and after I was done I realized Ikkatsu's green font was really hard to read and I'm way too lazy to go back and fix it so I apologize in advance if it makes it harder to read.

    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||The Back Story|||||||||||||||||

    Realm of the Dead is where all souls of living beings are sent after death. This realm is made up of three levels; the first being Limbo. Limbo exists in between the other two sub-realms. It is where souls first arrive to be judged. Some are sentenced to a burning wasteland known as Hell while others are sent to the eternal paradise known as Heaven. These three sub realms are ruled over by three demi-gods. Genesis-Heaven, the ruler of Heaven, Genesis-Limbo, the judge of humanity, and lastly, Genesis-Hell the overseer of Hell. Genesis-Hell's job is to make sure the souls of the damned are receiving the appropriate punishment for their worldly acts of wickedness.

    Genesis-Hell, having seen the horrors of eternal torture, heard the screams of ever lasting agony, and witnessed the worst of humanity for almost all of his existence, slowly descended into madness over the countless millennia as Hell's overseer. As his psychosis worsened, his personality altered dramatically and as time went by his sanity decayed even further. After his madness firmly took root into the depths of his mind he attempted to seize control over all three realms and unite them into one terrifying and Hellish realm of suffering. He planned on taking Genesis-Limbo's place to become the sole judge of humanity and If he should succeed he will become the one and only true force in the universe and will begin sending every human to the fiery underworld. He will do this regardless of their sins fueled purely out of spite and his disgust for the atrocities mankind as committed. Due to his insanity Genesis-Hell's judgment became very irrational and he truly believed he could take on Genesis-Heaven and Genesis-Limbo at once and win.

    When he finally invaded, it soon became apparent that he was simply no match for the combined might of Genesis-Limbo and Genesis-Heaven. In the end he was defeated. After his humiliating defeat by the hands of the two prominent powers, Genesis-Limbo and Genesis-Heaven used their combined might to banish Genesis-Hell to another dimension parallel to the Living World for his crimes against the order. The parallel world to which he was banished can be thought of as a mirror to Living World. The World of the Living is split into two dimensions. One, being the Light world. It is inhabited by humans, animals, plant life and a host of other beings. The Dark World is also inhabited by humans, animals, plants and other beings but these are corrupt and twisted versions of the kind you see in the Light World. In the Dark World the sky is red and the water is black. The temperature fluctuates rapidly and it's gravity is 100 times that of the Light World.

    After Genesis-Hells' banishment he vowed his revenge against the order and began plotting his vengeance. Following some deep thought he had decided what needed to be done in order to defeat the gods. He must channel his quickly regenerating amount of demonic energy into an incredibly small area in the fabric of space and time. Over many years he will be able to create a rip in the dimensional fabric and cross over to Realm of the Dead and attempt another takeover. But, unlike the last time, he will not be doing it on his own. Genesis-Hell is able to create horrible creatures of destruction produced from his own body. These creatures will become known as demons in the Light World. Genesis-Hell creates these demons from his own dark energy deep within his stomach. Once the demon bodies are fully formed he then regurgitates them from his mouth and through this method a demon is born. Also, with his powerful influence he was able to convince many of the dark world humans, Or Kagejin (translating to "shadow people") to join in his crusade with lies and other manipulations. Kagejin are much stronger than a normal light world human due to living in much harsher environments.

    Over the course of a few hundred years the Dark World was populated by thousands and thousands of demons and they begun to carve out their place in the Dark World and form their own legitimate race. Eventually wars broke out between the demons and the Kagejin who did not join Genesis-Hell. Most of the wars were fought over territory. The purpose for creating these demonic creatures is entirely to further Genesis-Hells' goal of conquering the afterlife and putting his plans for domination into motion. He will hand pick certain demons who have proven their strength to become a part of his vast army under his command. Once the portal is complete he will lead his legions through and invade Realm of the Dead.
    As an added bonus, halfway through Sector X (the space between worlds) the dimensional wall is thin and frail, which could easily be torn by Genesis-Hell so he and his demon army may gain passage to the Light World as well. In the beginning the rip in the dimensional wall will be too small and unstable for very powerful demons to enter the Light World, so his invasion will start off lite but as time goes by more and more of his stronger demon lieutenants will be able to pass. And when they do they will unleash a terrible destructive power the world has never seen.

    Before he found out about the passage to the Light World through Sector X he only planned to make the lives of souls who have crossed over to the afterlife a living Hell. But fortunately for him luck was on his side and now he can make the lives of humans a living hell before and after they have died. It was perfect. Justice will be brought down on humanity for their wicked ways. Waging war on one another, murdering their own kind, robbing and raping, fighting and killing. Genesis-Hell is close to bringing down the iron fist of justice upon the Earth. And justice kills.

    ||||||||||||||||||Manga Misc Information||||||||||||

    Ever since the first invasion of demons came through the Sector X dimensional wall from the Dark World into the Light World there have been powerful warriors who harness the power of their soul to use spiritual fighting techniques and the power of nature to fuel spells to defend the land against these evil entities. They are known as demon hunters and every village has their own squad consisting of 5 members. Each village hand picks the strongest and most worthy of their people through harsh trials. If one can overcome them all they are trained by the head captain in the ways of the demon hunter. This training lasts a whole year before they are given their first assignment.
    10 years ago a demonic invasion on the Yuu village occurred. Hundreds of demons quickly swarmed the area, destroying and killing all in their path. To stop them, the villages Demon hunter squad (Or D.H.S.) assembled to fight the onslaught of demons. The number of demonic soldiers was so great that the neighboring village's D.H.S. was requested to aid in the defense of Yuu Village. Eventually the 10 demon hunters worked together to to defeat the raid. Most of the creatures were killed, a handful of them fled at the sight of their fallen comrades. In the wake of this devastation two siblings watched their parents die in front of their eyes. One, a 5 year old boy by the name of Ikkatsu and his twin sister, Misune. They somehow managed to escape the village after watching their parent's murder. Since that fateful day they have lived in the forest outside of the village by themselves fearing the village could be the target for another attack.They vowed to some day become demon hunters themselves and kill as many demons as possible and find the one who lead the invasion on their home and destroy him. They trained by themselves in the forest, waiting for that day to come and after 10 long years the Yuu village was looking to replace two of the five local demon hunters who died while on a mission. This was their chance to finally become members of their villiage's D.H.S. Ikkatsu and Misune returned to the village for the first time since they escaped into the forest and signed up for the trials which will choose the next demon hunters. Can they succeed where many others are bound to fail?
    In order to truly destroy a demon one must possess a "Demon Soul Imprisonment Device" or D.S.I.D. In most cases the object in question is a ring but virtually any small object can be made into a D.S.I.D. Once the demon's body is killed if no object is used to extract it's soul it will retreat back to the dark world from whence it came and slowly regenerate it's body, only to re-enter the light world and cause havoc once again. So after defeating a demons body you must quickly absorb it's soul into a D.S.I.D. which will imprison it. Once the D.S.I.D. is full you can destroy the souls contained inside with a simple spell taught to all demon hunters by the captain demon hunter in change of the D.H.S. This spell has been passed down for many generations. It's origins are unknown.
    Many decades ago at the end of his long life, a master demon hunter concentrated all of the spiritual energy from his body into a crystal orb. He then climbed up into the mountains and placed the orb in the back of a frozen cavern. He cast a force field spell around the crystal orb and summoned four powerful demons inside the cavern and placed them under a mind control spell. He ordered them to stay in the cavern and gaurd his orb until a demon hunter strong enough enters the cavern to slay the four demons and obtain the orb. Killing the four demons will release the force field spell and allow the demon hunter to pick up the crystal orb. Upon touching it, he or she will receive all the spiritual energy contained within and become very powerful.
    Though Genesis-Hell possesses a vast army of demons and Kagejin he is still apprehensive about invading Realm of the Dead. He needs more power to beat The other two gods and their armies of angles and ogres and he knows exactly how to obtain such power. It is said that the potential of a human being far surpases that of any other being in all the realms other than the gods themselves. Inside every human being lies a tremendous power just waiting to be released. Genesis-Hell senses this inside the Demon Hunters of the Light world. He knows they can go even further... much further. Genesis-Hell intends to recruit humans with incredibly strong latent spiritual energy within them to his side. To do this Genesis-Hell begins to send out massive demonic rampages throughout each major village. In each group he places a handful of special demons the size of a flea that are capable of bestowing a portion of their demonic power into a human unbeknownst to them. Their targets will obviously be the Demon Hunter who possesses the greatest amount of untapped energy and potential.

    Once the village is distracted and in chaos these special demons fly from above and implant a demon energy seed into the host. Once enough are infected Genesis-Hell will sprout each seed within the infected humans all at once slowly filling them with demonic power and also awakening a large portion of their latent untapped human spirit power. This combination of effects creates an unstoppable warrior of horrible destructive potential. But, now that Genesis-Hell has made them half demon half human killing machines he must recruit them to his cause. He accomplishes this task through telepathy containing his own grim rhetoric of the darkest deeds carried out by their own people they protect and by giving the hybrid humans horrific visions of the evil and terrible sins that the human race has carried out through their existence. With any luck this will cause the human to go mad and begin to turn on their own kind like Genesis-Hell. Once they are ripe he will teach them how to open a one way dimensional portal to the Dark World with the terrible powers that were transplanted in them where they can join Genesis-Hell and his crusade against the humans and his divine brethren.

    ||||||||||||||||||||||||CHAPTER ONE||||||||||||||||||

    A warm summer breeze blows through a lush and expansive forest. The sun is setting in the sky and the first few stars are becoming visible. Two young teenager make this place their home even though just to the west of the forest lies a growing and prosperous village.
    A small fire is burning in the center of the forest. The two are huddled around the fire, placing sticks and debris into the flames. One, a 15 year old boy named Ikkatsu. The other a 15 year old girl named Misune. They are dressed in old and worn out clothing with bland and faded colors.

    Misune: Brother, will we always have to live out in the forest like this?
    Ikkatsu: I've told you before, we can't go back to the village. What if more demons decide to invade again? We escaped last time but if it happens a second time we may not be as fortunet.
    Misune: I suppose your right... I just...
    Ikkatsu: What is it, Misune?
    Misune: I just get lonely... that's all.

    Ikkatsu: You don't have to feel that way sis, you've got me and there's no better company you could have.
    Misune: I know...

    Ikkatsu: Anyways it's almost time for dinner. How about you sneak into the village and steal something good to eat for tonight.
    Misune: Sure, anything in particular?

    Ikkatsu streched his arms above his head.

    Ikkatsu: Nah, just make sure its from the street vendors down on the south side of the village. They have the best squid on a stick!

    Misune: Your so mean! Making me walk all the way to the south end just so you can eat your gross squid!

    Ikkatsu: Whatever, we can just eat roasted porcupine again for the millionth time this week.
    Misune: ...No, I'll go, I could use the extra cardio anyways.

    After a few moments of helping her brother tend to the fire Misune began to head into the village. On the way there she past several dead demon bodies the two have slaughtered over the past months. Twenty minutes later she had arrived at the south side of the village. Misune detected something was off in the village today. The people she passed on the streets seemed uneasy and anxious. As she approached an unattended vending cart from behind she over heard two strangers whispering to each other.

    Stranger 1: Did you hear? Three of the five members of our demon hunting squad were just killed on a mission last night.
    Stranger 2: Yeah, I can't believe it. If we get attacked now we're screwed. It must have been a high ranked mission for so many causualties to have occurred... I wonder who will replace them.

    Stranger 1: I hear they are going to open the demon hunter trial zones tomorrow and begin searching for the replacements.
    Stranger 2: Is there anyone strong enough in the village who can replace them?

    Stranger 1: We'll see soon enough.

    Misune's hairs stood up on the back of her neck as a fierce expression crossed her face. "It's time" She said to herself. "I have to hurry back and tell brother about this. This is what we've been waiting for these seven long years." Misune quickly grabbed some food from the cart and sprinted off back into the woods just as the merchant was returning.

    Merchant: HEY! GET BACK HERE, THIEF!

    The merchant began to take chase.

    Misune: I didn't want to have to waste my spirit energy before our midnight training session with brother but it looks like I have no choice. I can't outrun this guy with my physical strength alone...
    Misune: Sorry old man, but I have more important things to do than get caught by you!

    Suddenly Misune's body is enveloped in a bright blue aura which moved down and focused itself around her legs. Her speed doubled and the merchant was left in the dust.

    Misune: This should be far enough.

    Misune's aura faded from her body.

    Misune: Darn, that took more energy than I thought I probably could have gotten away with using half of what I did! Oh well.

    After some time she arrived back to where Ikkatsu was preparing the fire.

    Ikkatsu: Welcome back sis! ...Hey... where the hell is my squid?
    Misune: S-sorry I uh, forgot it... well, I didn't forget, I was spotted by the merchant and had to grab something really quick. I don't think he had any squid anyways.

    Ikkatsu: NO SQUID? ARG, I HAD MY HEART SET ON IT AND EVERYTHING! Hm... Well that's fine but that means I'm going extra hard on you when we train tonight.
    Misune: It wouldn't mean anything if you didn't give it your all!

    Ikkatsu: I guess... Hey... I sensed you using your spirit energy when you were in the village. I told you not to do that unless it was absolutely nessesaary. Nearby demons can pick up on that and come and attack you. Your not an ordinary human and when demons sense something powerful they usually want it dead. These woods have a barrier set up around the parameter so no demons can sense anything inside it. This used to be an old training ground for the DHS so they had to take such precautions.
    Misune: I know, sorry I wasn't using my head.

    Ikkatsu let out a heavy sigh.

    Ikkatsu: Anyways, bring that food over he-

    Before Ikkatsu could finish his sentence he heard something moving in the bushes nearby.

    Misune: Brother... do you feel that energy?...
    Ikkatsu: Yeah, you've attracted a demon.

    Just then a shadowy figured walked out of the brush. As it came closer the fire illuminated his body. The creature stood 6 feet tall, had green skin with black spines jutting out of his shoulders and out his spine. His feet were split into 3 long toes with huge pointy black nails. His eyes were squinted and they glowed a crimson red. He possessed a long tail with spines going all the way down it's length. The demon was rather muscular and had long grey hair.

    Demon: Ahhh, so I we finally meet face to face my pretty. I sensed you in the village. That was rather reckless to release so much energy at once. Don't you know we demons have a keen ability for feeling out strong human spiritual powers so we can gobble them up and absorb their life energy? Heh heh heh.

    The Demon's mouth began to salivate and drool dripped down his jaw. He licked his lips and cracked his knuckles.

    Ikkatsu: Misune, get back. I'll take this one.
    Misune: But, he came after me, I should destroy him.

    Ikkatsu: No. He looks big and sluggish. My speed will be no match for him.
    Misune nodded and took a few steps back.

    Demon: Get out of here boy, I don't sense any unusual spirit energy from you. You'll be crushed. You can't possibly save the girl.
    Ikkatsu: Heh, that's where your wrong, monster.

    Ikkatsu made a low pitched groaning sound as a gust of wind began to sway the surrounding trees back and forth. The fire behind them began to flicker and move around violently. A vivid yellow aura began to outline Ikkatsu's figure. It grew larger and larger. Some of the energy seemed to be evaporating off of his body in strands. His groaning became louder. Nearby birds starting chirping and began to evacuate the area.

    Demon: Hm, so it seems you do have some strength in you. Too bad it's still no match for me! You'll make an even tastier meal than your little girl friend!
    Ikkatsu: We'll see about that.

    In an instant Ikkatsu vanished from sight in a blur of speed.

    The demon looked around.

    Demon: Huh, where'd he go?
    Ikkatsu appeared directly behind the demon.
    Ikkatsu: Not far.

    Ikkatsu jammed his hand into the demons back as it erupted out of his chest cavity.

    The demon gasped for air and fell on one knee.


    As the demon turned around Ikkatsu swiftly moved back 20 feet.


    The demon charged forward in a blind rage as dark green blood gushed from his wound.

    Ikkatsu took a battle stance and waited for the beast to get over to him.
    The demon stretched his arm out and his claws extended out of his finger tips.
    When the demon was within range Ikkatsu swept his leg and tripped the demon. As he fell Ikkatsu crouched down and punched the creature 15 times with both fists within the span of one second.
    The demon's eyes widened as he spat out blood from his mouth and keeled over.

    Misune: Wow! Brother your amazing! It's been so long since I've seen you fight a demon by yourself!
    Ikkatsu: Poor worthless fool. Have any last words before you die?
    Demon:I'll return... to destroy... you...both...

    A puzzled look crossed Misune and Ikkatsu's faces.

    Ikkatsu: Do you seriously intend to escape from here in the shape your in?
    Demon: There's no need...
    Ikkatsu: Your speaking nonsense. Maybe your head is suffering from lack of oxygen due to your pierced lung.
    Demon: Don't you know...? ...Simply killing a demon... isn't enough to end their... existence.

    The demon coughed up a large sum of blood.

    Demon: After our bodies die.... our souls travel back... to our dark realm and...regenerate our bodies.... I'll come back... to finish you... both...

    Ikkatsu lifted his leg and crushed the demon's head underneath his boot.

    Ikkatsu spat on the shattered skull of the monstrous creature.
    Misune: Is it true? What he said? Demons can't truly be destroyed?
    Ikkatsu: Nonsense. He just wants to scare us. Demons delight in inducing confusion and fear in their enemies.

    A long silence proceeded to piece the forest. No wind. No animal sounds. Nothing.
    Misune yawned and sat down beside the fire and starred at it intently for a while. After a few moments Ikkatsu joined her.

    Misune: Staring at the fire always calms me down... it reminds me of better times... back before we had to live out in the forest. When we were part of a family... before they died. After dinner I would always read my books by the fireplace and fall asleep.
    Ikkatsu said nothing as he gazed into the flames.

    Misune suddenly sat upright.

    Misune: Oh I forgot, I have good news!
    Ikkatsu: What is it?

    Misune: I overheard two villagers talking earlier and they said the local D.H.S. (Demon hunting squad) was looking for replacement members! Three of them were recently killed...
    Ikkatsu's grim expression quickly turned cheerful as his eyes grew bigger and a grin made it's way across his face.

    Ikkatsu: This is what we've been waiting for, sister. We vowed to one day become demon hunters and kill every demon we met and find the one who led the raid on our village those seven years ago... It's all I've thought about since then. Our time has come. Tomorrow we will leave the forest and sign up for the trials. Are you ready sister?
    Misune: Yes. We've trained for this moment for so long. I hope we've honed our skills enough to compete with the other possibles.

    Ikkatsu: Trust me Misune, we have. We must became a part of the squad for our mother... and our father. We will avenge them.
    Misune: I'm ready!

    ikkatsu: Tonight we wont train. We will let our bodies and spirit's rest until the sun raises and when it does...
    Misune: Destiny will be calling our names.
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    Re: Demon Genesis - Original Story

    oh man this is great but i think you should just write a small plot so that there can be more readers but great job.

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