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Thread: Manga Idea Critique please

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    Manga Idea Critique please

    Hi, I've written numerous fanfics in the past before, but I've always wanted to write my own comic book. I have zero talent at drawing, so I'd be looking for an artist, who could have creative input as well.

    Anyway the synopsis of the story:


    In the late 90s the supernatural community, for all intensive purposes came out of the proverbial closet. Creatures such as Fae, Vampires, Demons, in other words beasts of legend suddenly existed. Needless to say humanity took it poorly, there was a rise of religious fanatics, and a war broke out. It was bloody, and there were massive losses on both sides. Peace was the only option as several supernatural races were now on the brink of extinction.

    The Fae, offered to teach the humans magic for peace. The deal was accepted, with quite a bit of protest on both sides, and suddenly there was peace. Or the idea of peace, racism and xenophobia didn't just suddenly disappear. Teaching humans magic just gave them one more tool to use against the supernatural community. Many in the supernatural community fought back against their oppressors, and another war was on the horizon. This time the result of a war would be more devastating.

    A world government was formed, with both humans and supernatural beings being a part of the government. And a special forces team that consists of humans and supernatural beings was formed, to deal with threats to the new order.

    The story will revolve around 5 characters, two male characters and three female, characters.

    I want this manga to have everything in it from action to romance, there will be a yuri-component to it as one of the main female characters is gay. There will be some political commentary as the story continues and other problems arise, but that's for later in the story.

    Any commentary would be greatly appreciated, any writers or artists interested in the idea or concept can shoot me a private message. I have zero money though so it'll have to be free, but I do want this to be a webcomic with revenue through advertising and stuff like that so if that happens then we can split whatever we earn equally.

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    Re: Manga Idea Critique please

    i like your idea its really good very original and keep it up dont forget to post more and more 10/10.

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