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Thread: Rinnegan dissection...

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    Cool Rinnegan dissection...

    I was wondering why Tobi never used much abilities from the Rinnegan, it might be that he lacks chakra or experience in comparison to Nagato but it could also be that each eye only have half of the paths with the exception of the Outer Path which belongs to both.

    So maybe it goes this way...

    Right eye:

    -Deva Path (Repulsion/Attraction)
    -Asura Path (Body Modification)
    -Preta Path (Energy Absorption)

    Left eye:

    -Human Path (Soul Removal)
    -Animal Path (Limitless Summoning)
    -Naraka Path (Body/Soul Restoration)

    It would make sense since Tobi used the ability of the Human Path on Naruto, also the Animal Path might have been used to summon the deceased Jinchuriki to the place of his need while the Naraka path might have been unused because his Six Paths were Edo Tensei Zombies (infinite regeneration).

    I'd like to make it clear that, even tough the Bijuu were controlled by the Outer Path, the Jinchuriki corpses would still need to be summoned with the Animal Path.

    Also, when Naruto cornered Tobi with a Rasengan, he could have either absorbed the attack or repelled the clone if he had access to either Deva or Preta. I think he only took the attack because he lacked the right eye which those Paths steam from.

    As for why Madara, who has both eyes, used only the Preta Path (giving more evidence it comes from the right eye) rather than all the Six Paths, I can attribute to him not having HASHIRAAAAAAMA around to arouse him into fighting seriously. I mean, his Mokuton and Susanoo alone could trash everybody else just fine.
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    Registered User 有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity REN KOUEN's Avatar
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    Re: Rinnegan dissection...

    well i believe you hit the nail on the head with the lack of chaakra/ lack of exp theory

    not only that but tobi expended a ton of chaakra earlier when controlling.the bijjus and former jinchuuriki

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