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Thread: Crackpot Theory regarding Aaronierro

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    Crackpot Theory regarding Aaronierro

    While looking ahead to the next team match up in the tournament, plus thinking of Mayuri's experiement, and how AA may play a large role in it, something just clicked regarding AA's past.

    So firstly, in both the Databook 3 and the Hell one shot, the mysterious nature of AA's red liquid was noted, and of interest to both of Bleach's craziest scientists (can't find link to the databook info unfortunately). Considering his powers, I can definitely see it relating to creating some kind of espada amalgam, as AA himself is basically an amalgam of hollows in arrancar form.

    Then thinking back to Gin's flashback, I couldn't help but think it odd that this guy at the bottom...
    ...had the ability to collect spirits so willy nilly without some kind of tool. Granted this may be some little thing all shinigami can do, but we haven't seen it before. Plus he seems satisfied with himself next to his comrades, and is the only one handling the spirits.

    I recalled Zommari's comment on how AA was the last of the 1st gen of espada. But when we loot at Baraggan' flashback, something seems out of place. The espada must have existed before the acquisition of Las Noches. Could those three shinigami been the original espada? Not to mention the espada as we know it from Nnoi's flashback is a dangerous position, where violent upstarts can kill their way into the ranks through combat and/or deception. One would think the weakest espada, a gillian no less, would be easy pickings, and yet he has not only remained powerful enough to be considered an espada with all the advancements made in shinigamification to make stronger arrancar, but survived.

    Also, Gin was manipulating hallways, leading Rukia right to AA, so perhaps some degree of a working relationship there? Also that mystery shinigami is probably the third seat Gin killed to earn his rank. Not entirely sure if that adds to this theory or not, but hey.

    If that part wasn't farfetched enough for you, hold on:
    Aizen would probably be well aware that Mayuri would scour for bodies, and AA's red liquid would pique his interest. Could Gin know this? (Not Improbable IMO) Could AA? (not likely) Could AA be a giant plot device to bring back a whole lot of dead characters????????? Is Juha Bach really a jealous Riruka back for vengeance? Time will tell. But if anyone has any thoughts, comments, or any other crazy theories, it would be welcome.
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