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Thread: One Piece 711

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    One Piece 711

    HEY EVERYONE! I've got review coming
    your way so either sit and read or run and hide!
    One Piece chapter 711 came out recently and I
    have to say, I was very surprised at how many
    people Oda-sensei encompassed in this chapter.
    He really wanted to do a complete overview and I think he pulled it off nicely. We start off with Robin waking up to find herself
    trapped by little gnomes that to me look more cute
    than threatening. But nevertheless, it looks like a
    bad spot for Robin who at the moment is unable to
    move. Something that I thought was funny in it's
    own way was that Oda-sensei was poking fun at his own character by having one of the gnomes
    search her whole body and think that she is hiding
    something in her chest because...of the
    size...*scratch scratch*. Well I thought it
    was funny. Moving on... I was wondering if I had skipped something in the
    chapter, but that was cleared up by the flashback
    of both Robin and Usopp being knocked out by
    some kind of gas. Robin finds herself under the
    Green Bit which is apparently where the people of
    the Tontatta Country live. They, in my opinion seem to be the kind of characters that will seem
    like enemies at the beginning, only to become
    charmed by the kindness of the Strawhats. We
    meet the head of the gnomes who goes
    by Gancho. This chapter in my opinion is just
    riddled with humor and what I found refreshing was that it was the first time that I can remember
    Robin thinking to herself and putting on a face that
    shows any real kind of surprise at all. The gnomes
    also are WAY too trusting and just because Robin
    said she wasn't a bad person, the immediately
    believed her which I thought was great. But, you must give the gnomes a weapon or they
    will apparently take ALL OF YOUR
    CLOTHES. This, also was really funny is a way
    that also made me cringe. There was the tense and
    awkward feeling that only Oda-sensei could bring to
    the table. Just before Robin is stripped completely naked, we get word that she is a companion of the
    "great hero that has come to save the gnome
    people" *face palm*. Well, it looks like Usopp has
    some explaining to do. The connection that I see
    Usopp having with the gnomes it that they
    mentioned that they can "farm" anything. Since Usopp has his pop greens he might look like a hero
    to them. But it seems like everyone is going to
    meet up again and that most of the characters
    have a connection with these gnomes or "fairies"
    which is the name that Zoro knows them by. Speaking of Zoro, we are shown him again and it
    turns out that the "Fairy" is a small gnome by the
    name of Wicca. We find out that she is a recon for
    the tribe and that she has some disturbing news
    about the Strawhats. The crew will be attacked by
    the Donquixote family and that the ship is in danger! What we also find out is the Wicca is a
    little scatterbrained but the has enormous strength
    and can destroy buildings with her self loathing.
    She strikes up a deal to help Zoro find his way to
    the ship (He could never find it on his own) if he
    can help her get to the flower field which seems like the place all the Strawhats will meet up. One of
    the best running gags in One Piece in my opinion
    is that Zoro seems to get lost even when people
    are telling him where to go. Then there was some tensions that suddenly
    escalated with Rebecca and the toy solider that
    they apparently had a past together. I suspect that
    it's the revolution that they both share in common.
    Rebecca wants to prove him wrong that she can
    fight in the arena. To me it's either that she is a woman and that people don't respect her abilities.
    Or that they have a past and I think that it's
    something that the Strawhats will be caught up in.
    They must have a father-daughter relationship or
    something of that nature.
    The last part of this chapter is that we see Law and we get an urgent call form Sanji. We don't know
    where Sanji is right now but he has news that the
    Strawhats have been se up! Doflamingo never
    recalled his status which is probably why the
    people of Dressrosa never were worried. But Law
    has an Admiral coming his way and it' s too late to run! So, we will just have to see. I loved this
    chapter and can't wait to find out the answer to all
    of these new questions. Where were Sanji and
    Violet? What was Usopp lying about? Can Law
    escape the newly appointed Admiral and
    Doflamingo? And will Zoro EVER be able to walk in a straight line correctly? hope you all liked it!

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    Re: One Piece 711

    Not a single comment

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    Re: One Piece 711

    Well just speaking for myself of course: I'm just not interested in reviews in general.

    i've read the chapter several times and the discussion about it is still ongoing so I don't really see a reason to read a review like that

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    Re: One Piece 711

    You may want to consider working a little bit on the quality of the review. In the last thread for the best reviewer here in MHyou can find some useful guidelines and also the links to the profiles of the reviewers (where you can find links to tehir reviews). I personally like Jammin's reviews.

    About your review, let me give you 2 advices: first, you have to work on the presentation. It should be something visually attractive, something that visually can engage with the reader. And second, to me, a good review doesn't tell what happens in the chapter (chapter can do that much better), but mainly has to increase the pleasure the readers could get of the reading. Either by providing further additional information, or by suggesting imaginative and believable ways to read, or by making us wondering about the chapter... If a review doesn't reach that, it's better to make a long post in the current thread for the discussion of the chapter. KuroKarasu makes a point in that with the discussion ongoing, the review should have to be really really good to deserve a new thread for itself. I think I have failed on that in some of my past reviews.
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