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Thread: Just a tiny itty bitty of a question ...

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    Just a tiny itty bitty of a question ...

    ... would you like whose two to duke it out in a short fanmade-comicbook?

    -"Kneel, beg for a swift end."
    -"In your dreams old timer!"

    On the right corner: Alucard/ Count Dracula/ Vlad the Impeler
    ===The Vampire King===

    Universe - Hellsing by Kohta Hirano

    Age - app. 600 years

    I think I don't need to do much of an introduction to this character

    My attempt at imitating Hellsing visual style


    On the left corner: Biblical Kain/ Caine/ The Dark Father
    ===The Emperor of Vampires===

    - World of Darkness/ Vampire the Masquerade by White Wolf Publishing
    - Bible by emm ... God ... since it is even hinted that Caine is a sort of a vampire in the Jewish book of genesis.

    Age - app. 200 000 years / 16 000 years by my count based on the creationist theory.

    The Dark Father is the source, the 1st generation, the original vampire in the WoD/VtM universe. Noddist theories of the universe claim his vampirism to come from God himself. After he was banished into the land of Nod after killing Abel, God wanted Caine to repent for his sin, he refused and so 4 of Gods angels cursed Caine with Vampirism, 4th was Satan. Noddist prophecies claim Caine will return once again to "Drench the world in its blood", that time is called The Gehenna/ The Final Night.

    Visual adaptation is mine, since Caine is extremely rarely depicted by WoD/ VtM fans and authors. This is the visual adaptation I use in my comicbook and a representative of my style.
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    Re: Just a tiny itty bitty of a question ...

    That could be interesting xD
    I mean, you know a lot about their background, and WoD background in general, so you'd prolly work that idea quite well. I wish I'd see a lot of intrigue coming from it, more than fights/battles though^^

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