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Thread: Lightening image bleed through from previous page

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    Grin Lightening image bleed through from previous page

    I hope this is not yet covered by someone else, but it just occurred to me that a lot of magazine scans need cleaning because the image in the previous page shows through due to the poor paper quality. In which case, perhaps I can do this:

    Level the page I'm working on

    Level, Flip Horizontal, Inverse(color) the page behind it

    Put the inversed backpage on top of the page I'm working on, as a screen layer at really low opacity

    Also, because I'm using the same scan source, the Levelling is already saved as an action so that a) I get consistent result across all pages, and b) it's much easier/faster.

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    Re: Lightening image bleed through from previous page

    Nowadays people just use topaz to fix that, but I guess it still might be useful to some, so good job.

    Just one addition - it should be done before straightening the page - depending on how the page was printed there might be some alignment issues if you did that after rotating the pages.

    Oh, and you should change the topic to e.g. "Fixing see-through pages", the current one is a bit confusing ^^;
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