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Thread: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

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    ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    Hello guys;

    I've been on this forum for years even if lately I didn't partecipate too much....after some readings I'm prettu sure to have completely uncovered One Piece, his futures development as well as basically everyone's role in the future_I wrote the first part of it which uncover completely the true history, what is One Piece, what is the will of D. and the roles of almost every main character, The question u want to risk to be completely spoilered on this stuffs?If you are not, give it a read...:-)

    Ok,let's have fun...

    This might be long guys and my english is not perfect, so please, get over it and try to focus because these are very important informations, and my speculation is PERFECT!

    ONE PIECE is TAO!(great name, works with oppositions with different blends in it), ONE PIECE is one piece of SEA, ONE PIECE is also ONE PEACE in the world, and the STORY OF OUR WORLD through centuries till the 1990 when the WALL(RED LINE) between EAST and WEST falls.ONE PIECE is a declaration of love to life and to selfaccomplishment through living your dreams. One piece is educating us to fight discrimination, because we have grown with it and we have the future of our world in our hands. We already got One Piece treasure the moment we bought our first Tankobon....I might cry now for understanding such an amazing LITERATURE MASTERPIECE.

    Marine vs Pirates, Government vs Revolutionaries, Heavenly Dragons(tenryubito) vs Demons (D.),Rule vs Free Will, Chaos vs Supreme Order.

    After someone posted the story of Momotaro it became clear IMO that D. stands for devils/demons/daoism and that Raftel is the Demon Island of Momotaro tale. Look at the similarities: Momo = Momotaro. The boy was sent from heaven to fight oni(BB) and demons in a distant island, and on his travel three talking animals joined him: a pheasant(Aokiji), a monkey (Luffy) and a dog (Akainu). Oda is foreshadowing the alliance that will beat BB in the final war in RAFTEL.
    Notice also that ours D's characters are often referred as devils.
    Can u see the opposition? DEVILS vs HEAVENS (Tenryubito)

    This was the last clue that Oda might have given to us to possibly unreavel the future of One Piece, cause ONE PIECE is actually the fusion of THE BIBLE, HISTORY as a whole,THE MEETING OF EASTERN AND WEST CULTURES,TAOISM, MOMOTARO TAIL,THE HAN DINASTY (period 820 a.d. 700 a.d.) and JOURNEY TO THE WEST, who's protagonist is Sun Wukong, known also as the Monkey King. I want to make it even clearer unbreaking Sun Wukong's story readen by different point of views to understand One Piece:

    "Birth and early life[edit]

    Depiction of Sun Wukong from a printed edition of the novel

    Depiction of the Forbidden Temple's Sun Wukong as depicted in a scene in a Beijing opera
    Sun Wukong was born from a mythical stone formed from the primal forces of chaos, located on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit (hua guo shan). After joining a clan of monkeys, he earned their respect by discovering the Water Curtain Cave (shui lian dong) behind a large waterfall; the clan made it their new home. "

    Mythical stone + Mountains of Flowers and Stone = Red Line, Spring Islands.
    The Clan's home = Water Curtain Cave = so Raftel is covered by a huge DOME of WATER right at the center of the Red Line,exactly the opposite SHAPE and CONCEPT of the reverse mountain.
    Look at the topology of the reverse mountain:
    _Curvy lines = Mountain
    _Straight lines = Water ways from the 4 seas
    _No lines behind?A huge waterfal coming from the 4 seas that make the mountain and the cave unreachable even from the Calm Belt and the others seas, if u look at the picture .What about its dimension? it should be as large as the grand line if not more!

    Also the islands position in the last part of the second half is strangely odd compared to the first part, as if the RL was unreachable to touch.

    So, if u think about it, Enies Lobby is an Island that got shot by Pluton, the god of the underworld/hell through the earth. I will say more, it's likely the previous BASE of the WG in the war vs the devils to "control"/"seat" on top of the world. Heavenly Dragons wins and maker their base above the Red Line while Raftel gets sealed and its population decimated.
    Notice also how the first part is called "paradise", it ends in Mariejoa and their citizens are called tenryubitos (Heavenly dragons) and they live above the clouds(heaven) while as a contrapposition the second part is Hell, it ends in Raftel , their citizens are Devils and they should live "inside" an unreachable DOME of Falling water.

    How to reach Raftel? Through 1 type of undestructable stone, PONEGLIPHS. (look at the reference to the sacred stone that gave birth to the monkey king...)
    The second type of PONEGLIPH, the one that has the TRUE STORY (according to Robin), should be in Raftel, were Roger left it as confirmed by Robin too.

    " The other monkeys honored him as their king, and he called himself Mei Hóuwáng (handsome monkey king). He soon realized that despite his power over the monkeys, he was still only mortal. Determined to find immortality, he traveled on a raft to civilized lands, where he became the disciple of a Taoist immortal, who bears resemblance and alludes to Subodhi. He was able to acquire human speech and manners through his travels.[1]

    This passage is awesome, is likely one of the most important part of the history that will explain the Will of D. (Devils, Demons, Daoism).

    Get ready:

    _The MONKEY KING traveled on a RAFT (ref. travel from RAFTEL and not a mix of ROUGH TALE as everyone thought at the beginning.)....


    _Also, the contrapposition between CIVILIZED and MONKEYS. Great finesse by Oda cause it brings up 2 main points of One piece:

    1)all the racials issues brought up in One Piece. Is it a case that Monkey D. Luffy is breaking all this "rules" while having a "Multiracial crew" (to quote Kuja's pirates)

    2)The UNCIVILIZED MONKEYS were the FIRST PIRATES(unruled travellers of the sea), and their chief was the MONKEY KING, aka "THE PIRATE KING"

    _Other great point that I wanted to bring now so I can finally close the case Will of D.(which refers as Demon, Devil, Daoism):

    1)"Despite his power over the other monkeys, he realized he was still only mortal" SHABONDY ISLAND ARC as a repeat of something similar that happened in the past, u will understand why...

    2)"He became disciple" = Monkey D. Luffy, after realizing that he wasn't as strong as he tought, became disciple of...

    3)"a Taoist Immortal who refers to SUBODHY" = Silver Rayleigh!!! Subodhy sounds like SHABONDY ISLANDS, but what does it mean?

    1. . One day, in a mood of sublime emptiness, Subhuti was resting underneath a tree when flowers began to fall about him. "We are praising you for your discourse on emptiness," the gods whispered to Subhuti. "But I have not spoken of emptiness," replied Subhuti. "You have not spoken of emptiness, we have not heard emptiness," responded the gods. "This is the true emptiness." The blossoms showered upon Subhuti as rain. (Rayleigh meets Roger, also references to spring islands, the voice of all things and the reason for Rayleigh to be the “DARK KING”)

    2. In Chinese literature[edit]
    Subhūti appears as a character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West, as the teacher of the Monkey King Sun Wukong. The story of Sun Wukong first meeting Subhūti was a play on the Zen story of Huineng meeting Hongren, as told in the Platform Sūtra of Zen Buddhism
    Here things gets interesting:

    From Wikipedia, refer.

    Taoism is also referred as Daoism,For other uses, see Xian (disambiguation). Xian is the chinese translation of "enlightened person:

    "spiritually immortal; transcendent; super-human; celestial being" (in Daoist/Taoist philosophy and cosmology)
    "physically immortal; immortal person; immortalist; saint" (in Daoist religion and pantheon)
    "alchemist; one who seeks the elixir of life; one who practices longevity techniques" or by extension "(alchemical, dietary, qigong) methods for attaining immortality" (in Chinese alchemy)
    "wizard; magician; shaman" (in Chinese mythology)
    "genie; elf, fairy; nymph" (in popular Chinese literature, ?? xian jing is "fairyland", Faerie)
    "sage living high in the mountains; mountain-man; hermit; recluse" (folk etymology for the character ?)
    "immortal (talent); accomplished person; celestial (beauty); marvelous; extraordinary" (metaphorical modifier)

    Here the meanings in One Piece:

    "spiritually immortal; transcendent; super-human; celestial being" (in Daoist/Taoist philosophy and cosmology)

    _The first line, Daoist/Taoist phylosophy and cosmology define what the WILL OF D. is!!!!

    "physically immortal; immortal person; immortalist; saint" (in Daoist religion and pantheon)

    _Second line, defines a PANTHEON (House of gods/Raftel) of immortals. = The DEVIL TRIBE (like we have the longleg tribe,longarms tribe, giants, dwarf ecc...) or the strongest among them which should be represented by different families of Devils or possibly races.
    The families should be 8, and they refer to the 8 immortals. (Pa-hsien in Taoist mythology)

    “They were believed to live in grottos in Heaven” before the 1970s in English they were described as the 8 genies. So we have 8 DEVIL Lines.

    U can "see" MONKEY D. DRAGON under the boat and Admiral AOKIJI with his ride/bycicle/mule,Blackbeard sitting in front, the D.Flamingo Samurai Family, GOL D. Roger and his fan, Portgas D. and the peaches/DF..The Pirate empress behind, The Youth(Luffy,Dragon) on the right...last one is Uncle Saul/ Garp / Shanks...TOP left.THEY ARE THE NEW WAVE BRINGERS! THINK About The future alliances you have tought and u will understand...There also a curios thing to notice...the presence of a Flamingo flying above them,,,

    Let's also see how that same chinese Dragon is drawn on the doors of the revers mountain:

    _MONKEY D. LUFFY = Line of the first Pirate King is Han Hsiang-tsuHan which represents youth. He was the grand nephew of Han Yu (MONKEY D.GARP) (768- 824 A.D.) who was a minister to Emperor Hsing-tung. He is reported to have accomplished all manner of remarkable feats including the production of extraordinary plants.He became an immortal by eating one of the peaches of immortality (DEVIL FRUIT anyone?WOULD RUBBER GET OLDER?) . He carries with him a basket of fruit or flowers.He was a disciple of Lu Tung-pin.

    _DOQUIXOTE D. FLAMINGO = Kuo-chiu represents the nobility for he was connected with the Imperial Sung Dynasty. His brother (DOQUIXOTE .DOFLAMINGO) committed a crime for which he was ashamed and he retired and became a hermit who studied the Tao and learned the recipe for perfection. He holds in his hands the tablet that admits one to an audience with the emperor [notice that Flamingo in Spanish means Peacock.]One day Han Ching-li and Lu Tung-pin found him and asked him what he was doing. He replied that he was studying the Tao. "What is that and where is it?" they asked. He pointed first to the sky and then to his heart. Then they realized that he understood and they gave him the recipe for perfection. In this case are the DEVILS of One Piece to teach Haoushuku Haki to a normal human. The one that will reach the “STATUS” of “DARK KING”. Both Mihawk and Silvers Rayleigh have this status, and the next to get it is the beast ZORO-san. (MIHAWk and DOQUIXOTE’s father is one of the 5 sage stars, u know who…)

    _MIHAWK D. FLAMINGO(called DRAGUL which means Son of Dragon and here it refers to his nobility but also to him becoming a “REVOLUTIONARY, FIRST MATE OF MONKEY D. DRAGON!”) = Chang Kuo-lao was once the head of the Imperial Academy but he retired to live as a hermit on Mt. Chung-t'iao in Shansi. He was summoned to court by the Empress Wu (684-705 A.D.) however, when he reached the Temple of the Jealous Woman he fell down dead. Shortly afterwards he came back to life. ISLE OF WOMEN//THE BIG MOUNTAIN BEHIND ecc…

    _PORTGAS D. = Li T'ieh-kuai has an iron crutch and a black face. He represents the crippled and deformed. He tries to alleviate human suffering. He was taught to be an immortal by Hsi-wang-mu, Queen of the Immortals.One day, when his soul went to Mt. Hua he told his disciple to guard his body and cremate it after seven days if he had not returned. On the sixth day the disciple's mother fell ill and so leaving to take care of her he burnt the body a day early. Li T'ieh-kuai's soul on returning could find no body so it entered that of an old man who had just died. Only then did he discover that it was a cripple. At first he wanted to leave it but Lao Tzu persuaded him to stay and gave him a golden circlet and an iron crutch.He carries a gourd with him in which he keeps medicine to help people. Some say that it contains the elixir of life made from the peaches of immortality that grow in Hsi-wang-mu's garden.(FULL OF REFERENCES TO ROGUE, ACE that inherited her will, the mera mera fruit and maybe the next holder of hit that will carry this Will…

    GOL D. = is Li T'ieh-kuai,has an iron crutch and a black face. He represents the crippled and deformed. He tries to alleviate human suffering. He was taught to be an immortal by Hsi-wang-mu, Queen of the Immortals. One day, when his soul went to Mt. Hua he told his disciple to guard his body and cremate it after seven days if he had not returned. On the sixth day the disciple's mother fell ill and so leaving to take care of her he burnt the body a day early. Li T'ieh-kuai's soul on returning could find no body so it entered that of an old man who had just died. Only then did he discover that it was a cripple. At first he wanted to leave it but Lao Tzu persuaded him to stay and gave him a GOLDEN CIRCLET and an iron crutch. He carries a gourd with him in which he keeps medicine to help people. Some say that it contains the elixir of life made from the peaches of immortality (DEVIL FRUITS) that grow in Hsi-wang-mu's garden. (Ref. to DF, ROGER,ACE,ROGUE)

    BOA D. HANCOCK = Ho Hsien-ku is represented holding a lotus blossom (a symbol of purity) and a peach. The legend is that she lived in the time of the Empress Wu (684-705 A.D.) in the Yun-mu (Cloud Mother) Mountains-One night she had a dream that she should grind up a stone called Yun-mu and eat it. She did and vowed chastity at the same time. She then floated from mountain peak to peak gathering fruits which she gave to her mother (she having no need to eat). The Empress heard of her and summoned her to the court but on the way she disappeared. In this way she became an immortal. She is a patron deity of women.

    HAGWAR D. = The youngest of the Eight Immortals, Royal Uncle Cao or Cao Guojiu (pinyin: cáo guó jiù; Wade–Giles: Ts'ao Kuo-ch'iu) is named one of the following:Cao Yi (曹佾 cáo yì) (courtesy name Gongbo (公伯 gōng bó))Cao Jing (曹景 cáo jǐng)Cao Jingxiu (曹景休 cáo jǐng xiū)Cao You (曹友 cáo yǒu).He was said to be the uncle of the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, being the younger brother of Empress Dowager Cao (曹太后 cáo tàihòu).In historic records, there were several Emperor-consorts Caos in the Song Empire, but only one became empress: Cishengguangxian Empress (慈聖光獻皇后 cí shèng guāng xiàn huáng hoù) (1015–1079), the wife of the fourth Song emperor, Rénzōng (仁宗), none of whose children became an emperor.However, this does not render the historical existence of the "Royal Uncle Cao" impossible as in pre-modern China, the address "uncle" also meant "brother-in-law". Sometimes specified as "Wife-uncle" (妻舅 qī jiù) or as a respect, "Little Uncle" (舅子 jiù zǐ). Císhèngguāngxiàn Empress did have a younger brother named Cao Yi in historical record. But the given name of Royal Uncle Cao being Yi as well could be a post hoc.Cao Guojiu's younger brother Cao Jingzhi (曹景植 cáo jǐng zhí) was a bully, but no one dared to prosecute him because of his powerful connections, not even after he killed a person. Royal Uncle Cao was so overwhelmed by sadness and shame on his brother that he resigned his office and left home.
    (Obviously Saul and Aokiji, but Dragon might have his share in this part and maybe, it will help uncovering the story of Luffy’s mother!)

    MARSHALL D,= Lu Tung-pin (755 - 805 A.D.) was a scholar, doctor and official. He became a Taoist after a long and distinguished life as an official which ended in disgrace. He was very popular in his life and after his death became venerated as the King of Medicine. He represents the wealthy and literacy.
    (Thanks to DressRosa e Fishman Island we know that we can have hybrids)

    It also talks about a Physically Immortal person/ Saint which is interesting. Someone yet to be introduced or even Raileygh.
    From the third line comes ALL the D./WILL in One Piece world in a certain way of speakin, u heard it right! The FIRST'S DEVIL WILL is transmitted by reincarnation to either a descendant of the Devils or a normal human, and it's manifested through HAKOUSHOUKU HAKI!!! THE KING'S DISPOSITION!!!THE POWER OF IMMORTALITY THAT LET U TRANSMIT YOUR WILL AND SPIRIT THROUGH REINCARNATION.

    Everyone has haki...obviously,because everyone has a spirit; but only "1 in a million have the haoushouku" (guess One Piece population RATIO to the DEVIL TRIBE PIRATE SHIP? in the past, and u get the number of Haoushouku's user's in the present plus possible family members).
    Why is it called the KING'S DISPOSITION, because is the WILL/SPIRIT OF A DEVIL/DEMON, the "strongest creatures" in the world....another hint to KAIDOU and the LION DF fruit and huber Haki ex.) [closed the Smile and DF issue here as well the controversie with Whitebeard being the strongest] .

    (bile ref) The strongest Devil is just below GOD=Tenryubito + WG=Heavens=Mariejoa=Heavenly Dragons (stay tuned on this), people who lives above normal people, on the redline.....

    MARIE JOA is a fusion of MARIE(French) and LLORA (to cry in Spanish) so is literally a ref. to miracles, to a “Virgin Marie crying Blood”…for what reason? Is she crying because of the extermination? on the opposite it would be [MarieJoy, Marie is Joying]
    The place might infer to the most famous place in the World for the vergin Marie apperances:MEDJUGORJE
    "Međugorje, or Medjugorje,[note 1] (Croatian pronunciation: [medʑuɡoːrje]) is a town located in the Herzegovina region of western Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 25 km (16 mi) southwest of Mostar and close to the border of Croatia. The town is part of the municipality of Čitluk. Since 1981, it has become a popular site of religious pilgrimage due to reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local Catholics.[1]
    The name Međugorje literally means "between mountains". At an altitude of 200 m (660 ft) above sea level it has a mild Mediterranean climate.

    I'm also saying in the present cause in the past they were sterminated by the WG and not many could have reached the stage of "spitual immortality".
    That's why Raleygh tells Robin that he knows the whole story but his crew couldn't do anything....because the WG destroyed a very dangerous civilization that still poses problems to the civilized world. So now we can understand Rayleigh's statement to Robin which hints to the classical question: would u kill Hitler as a child if u new he would become a monster?

    Also notice how the KING'S HAKI/SPIRIT dominated and ruled all the inferior creatures. (HAKI FAINTING EFFECT EXPLAINED AND WHY SOME PEOPLE DON'T HAVE IT).

    Figurative examples :

    _LION vs SHEEP situation (where the sheep flees or die by panic)

    _ LION vs () DOG(AKAINU) (Just the lion PRESENCE/SPIRIT/HAKI is not enough to make them faint but actually they might even damage or kill the lion if he isn't careful...see Luffy/BB/Garp/Ace when they fall asleep like "Lions"....)......(Lion Kings are the strongest and the laziest, the angriest and the ones to protect their crew from dangers they can't face by themselves...)

    _LION vs TIGER situation (The Lion "Kaidou" and the Tiger "Zoro"), because the final villain in an all out war that will be the final arc is going to be BB(ONI/OGRE)+KAIDOU(lion)+DOFLAMINGO(bird) + BIG MOM(Black Turtle) (already seen a TURTLE/LION COMMANDER ref to a secret alliance throught SMILES with Kaidou) vs MOMOTARO's animals: DOG (Akainu...changed by Luffy and Dragon) + MONKEY (Luffy) + PHEASANT (Aokiji).

    Is likely that SHANKS, KIZARU, and MIHAWK will die by the hands of the first 3 as follow:
    _BB (OGRE/ONI) kills SHANKS (Red Phoenix) for Luffy to have revenge.
    _KAIDOU(Lion) kills KIZARU (Yellow Monkey).
    _MIHAWK (Hawk) defeats DOFLAMINGO (Peacock) but gets killed by Shiliu.
    With this scenario Zoro has his shot at the top without breaking the balance of friendship and alliances and proving himself against either Kaidou's swordman or Big Mom's.
    Sanji will beat the 3rd boss which is DD...Man among man vs "Man" among Girls ( you didn't notice, didn't you?) (opposite, reversed, inversed ec....)

    alchemist; one who seeks the elixir of life; one who practices longevity techniques" or by extension "(alchemical, dietary, qigong) methods for attaining immortality" (in Chinese alchemy)

    1) ALCHEMIST D. = BLACKBEARD, the one with a different body that could ate 2 devil fruits. The carrier of the DEVIL ALCHIMIST WILL. + DD?(Smiles?)

    "wizard; magician; shaman" (in Chinese mythology)

    2) MAGICIAN WILL of D. = Portgas D. Ace... ( We wont forget him making fire circles for Buggy's subordinate lion) or the desire to be recognized by others or his particular ability...he could even make a huge hat for Oz's junior.When he went to Drum the snow stopped.) + SHANKS ( his crew looks like a Big Circus always moving and having tricks and parties) + DD?(Trickster)

    "genie; elf, fairy; nymph" (in popular Chinese literature, ?? xian jing is "fairyland", Faerie)

    3) FAIRY WILL OF D.= Portgas D. Rogue (Dressrosa + Fairies + Mera Mera fruit in the current arc can't stray me to be sure about this one) + DOQUIXOTE DOFLAMINGO (Meanie Genie)

    ]"sage living high in the mountains; mountain-man; hermit; recluse"

    4) SAGE MOUNTAIN-MAN WILL OF D. = Edward Newgate (Mountains represents stability, something unmovable, something that stands firm without moving an inch....see how he died....) + Kaidou(ex marine) + Monkey D. Garp (stands firm whithout saving Ace)

    "immortal (talent); accomplished person; celestial (beauty); marvelous; extraordinary"


    Xian involving methods such as alchemy, breath meditation, and T'ai chi ch'uan, and eventually to legendary and figurative "immortality". Luffy moves cough cough!

    The xian archetype is described by Victor H. Mair.
    They are immune to heat and cold, untouched by the elements, and can fly, mounting upward with a fluttering motion. They dwell apart from the chaotic world of man, subsist on air and dew, are not anxious like ordinary people, and have the smooth skin and innocent faces of children. The transcendents live an effortless existence that is best described as spontaneous. They recall the ancient Indian ascetics and holy men known as ??i who possessed similar traits.1994:376

    Again, we are talking about the common traits that the DEVIL TRIBE shares. The references we can make to OP are too easy.


    The earliest representations of Chinese immortals, dating from the Han Dynasty, portray them flying with feathery wings (the word yuren ?? "feathered person" later meant "Daoist") or riding dragons.
    Here a ref. To Momo's DF and his alliance with Luffy.

    One last point is this: The Revolutionaries are the representation of the arrival of Christians in Asia and their impact that it had to the World Order.(DRAGONacrifice? , KUMA: Bible, MIHAWK: Cross)

    This is only PART 1.

    PART 2,follows.....and will be upgrade anytime, dependigs from the points I'll come up to upgrade
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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)


    There's little point in trying to create hype.

    Either you have an interesting theory - in which case you post it using 'SPOILER' tags and let people decide whether they want to read it and what it's worth - or you don't - in which case this thread doesn't need to exist.
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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    Some issues that u guys might bring up:
    Quote Originally Posted by valiantt View Post
    There is too much stretching in all of this to sound plausible whatsoever. Raftel referring to the "Raft"? These other shichi's being "D's" as well? (though to be honest, I didn't read any further after you made that point). There's too many characters and ideas being pulled apart to conveniently fit your formula.
    Boa isn't a DEVIL but she carries the will of the DEVIL PIRATE EMPRESS which manifest itself throught King's haki...

    The issue about Donquixote DoFlamingo was already explained by someone else in the way u transcript D. -D- in either Hiragana or Katakana.
    Him being a D. can't be revealed to the world, but read the DOFLAMINGO's stories on my post then think about this:
    _Dragul D. Flamingo (Hawk eyes)
    _Donquixote D. Flamingo (Pink Flamingo)
    They are both birds, and u can refer to Taoist divine animals.
    If u read D. Flamingo in espanol, it spells DOFLAMINGO.
    Also Roger got his name fused with the D., becomining GOLD ROGER....and he was really angry about it.(ref. to speech with WB). That's why the Gorosei don't want the D. to be exposed.

    _Also,while in the first half the direction of the TRAVEL is WEST, in the second part the WAVE of the EASTERNS(modern world,occident, new world.) will clash with the WAVE of the WEST(ancient world, status quo). Remember, ONE PIECE is TAO so u gotta always look at oppositions!

    RAFT ---- RAFTEL
    ROUGH TALE = tough story, mixe up story. Even here we got the concept in reverse.

    I'll give you a last interesting thing that the TAO concept unveiled.
    We have 5 elders stars:

    The 5 elders stars represents 3 country and their history through the XX sigle. They are screaming WW second...but in which way? If u have read my theory we are going to have a final war that will represent:
    _America (lGood America/Past) vs Black Beard (New America/future- I got my finger on nuclear,just tell me lord Quote.Bill Hicks)
    _Japan (always protagonist throught history, it has 2 sons, the greedy ones in the economic rise through '90 till now DD, and the more succesfull but still traditionalist '70/ '80 japanese business man represented in Mihawk)
    _Russia (Gorbaciof) .....1990, the wall between east and west falls. (The red line falls)
    _China (communist)...politically unchanged but an economic rising power. (only 1 representant)
    _Russia (Old Comunist)

    U might even add:
    _Kaidou: Germany (nazist)
    _Big Mom: Italy (fascism), the big eater.
    _Donquixote Doflamingo: Spain (fascism).
    _Mihawk: Spain. (see the way he is dressed). He will fall to fight the dictatorships. (ref. FRANCHISMO)

    If we go with the main youngsters the main character is the apex of One Piece point of view/reflection of our world, and the affirmation came from Oda SBS 56:

    Brazil is the new economy that is advancing. At the beginning, in the '30 / '40 / '50 they were famous only for soccer, now they r a world economic power and many occidentals goes there to find jobs and learn portugues. Role in WW1?very little...(there's a line in the story that says BRAZIL/PORTUGAL, 1916....LUFFY/PORTGAS, tthe baton of world changing pass from the COLONIALISR PORTUGAL to the RISING BRAZIL, from the great conqueror of the sea, PORTUGAL, tto the new conqueror of economic, BRAZIL)

    -ZORO: Japan (samurai)...he his the new generation, like the only growing up now vs their succesfull TRADITIONALIST (1 sword vs 3sword) fathers and forefathers.

    _NAMI: Sweden ( a little mean here), Nami is often seen stealing money and stuff. (SWEDEN is useing central african's country to take cobalto and other minerals at a low price...)

    _USOPP: Africa Afro powerrrrrrrrrrrrrr XD

    _SANJI: France (kitchen) La bon cuisine francais....

    _CHOPPER: Canada [probably the best sanitary sistem in the world at the moment)

    _ROBIN: Russia (a real life woman that in this modern days has still to fight with her past to have freedom.The moment she escaped Russia '70, she lived in despair until 20 years laters...'90, the wall of communism fall and she is free to come back [fig. coming back to someone she love to live for real] and fight the ghost of the past because modern Russia has still a lot of rights and freedmom issues)

    _FRANKY: USA.............LASER!!!!!!!! TANKS!!! SUBMARINE!!COLA!! But the most important thing: HAIRSTYLE!
    Old Usa: First hair style is with gel, flowers ecc... 60/70 (old technology weaponry)
    New Usa: Afro, Mohawk, Shaved uhuhhu

    _Brook: Austria after the first war the austro-ungaric "disappeared" from history(50 years of Brook vagabonding in the seas)
    In the second war they weren't even a country, they were a SHADOW of a Country...u know what I mean???!

    ONE PIECE is an historical, social, educational romantic travel through life. We all want to be Pirate Kings because we all want to travel all around in a world of Peace and love. Where there are no discrimination and everyone has the possibility to achieve happiness through fighting for their dreams.

    ---------- Post added at 06:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:52 PM ----------

    As u can see there's always a double opposition in the story or in the characters. Inside Black(evil pirates,black), there's white...Inside white (Marine, there's black). And the dragon, which in chinese mithology infers changeling...opposite to occidental mythology where he is a destroyer.

    ---------- Post added at 07:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:33 PM ----------

    With the same logic.

    _WEST from EAST,Ancient World going toward the new world, starts TEMPORALY from left to right for the occidentals, so we have a modern world without water, but still a lot of business enjoiment (CROCODILE's CASINO). At the the same time the story goes SPATIALLY from the WEST EGYPT...LITTle Garden,Africa, Water Seven = Venice to the atlantic Ocean = REDLINE to the new world)

    _ON the Opposite we have:; EAST to WEST _RAFTEL, demond island, is a WATER CAVE where a primitive race WEST,SPAIN (infers to the epidemy of early '900). The strongest creatures of One Piece and the dumbest too.But being dumb and powerful might be really dangerous.TEMPORALY Destroyed at the beginning, will rise at the END.

    U can keep on going like this on everything....because ONE PIECE is Tao,Opposite + Reverse + Change.

    In the end u always got One Piece in your hand,u got it the first time u bought it(met-were born). It was just up to you guys to notice it.(Metaphorically speaking, One Piece is saying to be confidents in ourselves because the modern world is at a grasp of hand and we can realize whatever we want if we realize what we are, and what we are capable off)!It's all up to our WILLS and our SPIRITUAL STRENGHT to stand firm toward ours beliefs but still be able to bend when we are in the right.
    One Piece is an amazing Journey through life, an ever ending journey because history repeat itself. But we must learn from history because that's the only way to bring real changings to our life and our world.

    Knowing where we want to go doesn't make the journey worst, it might actually be better to have the freedom to look at things from a completely new point of view.This is life, this is ONE PIECE.......LIFE IS ONE PIECE,ONE PIECE IS LIFE!!!
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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    I think this theory is good, but a little too deep.

    Can someone message me an anime that's similar to d grayman or claymore or deathnote?

    Ive seen Deathnote, deadman wonderland, fairytale, shigurui, ao no exorcist, beelzebub, samurai champloo, code geass, devil may cry, Hakuouki, monster, blood plus, gantz. Basically, something with demons and gore.

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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    The problem is that One Piece is really deep.
    But there are patterns.

    Es. characters building structure:

    5)CLASH: GOOD + EVIL, oppositions:
    Politically: WG (Status Quo) vs REVOLUTIONARIES COUNTRIES (Innovation, evolution ecc…)
    Works directly under them: Cipher Pol vs Revol. Army
    Army : MARINE(absolute order and justice) vs PIRATES (absolute evils and unjust)
    Reversed: MARINE (absolute chaos and justice) vs PIRATES (absolute good and unjust)
    Opposed: MARINE (absolute order and unjust) vs PIRATES (absolute good and just)

    Middle area: 7 SCHICHIBUKAI

    Top Area: MARINE ADMIRALS (4)
    ELEMENTAL(Logia): NATURE (defense) (defected) + HUMAN CREATION(manovrability) + NATURE FORCE(destroys) (promoted)
    TANGIBLE(Paramecia): NATURE FORCE(defense) (sub in) + HUMAN CREATION(manovrability)+ NATURE FORCE (destroys) (sub in)





    0)SPAZIAL REVERSE for the main characters representation of Countries is culturally reversed.
    0)TIME REVERSE: DC, '800 '900 vs '800 '900



    ---------- Post added at 09:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:56 AM ----------

    _West to RL.
    Nation: FRANCE '900
    Organizz: Pirate
    Fight Lvl: Low
    Technique: modern innovative SAVATE
    _Trait: Romantique French, Cuisine

    Nation: SPAIN '800 (dress style)
    Organizz: Revol. (symbolism: Christians vs Muslims) CROSS
    Fight lvl: Top
    Technique: Jap.
    Weapon: Spain '800 (Huge in its form)

    Other example: The 0 point goes from SHABONDY to PUNK HAZARD through the RED LINE and it mean that u gotta turn the Tao symbol through the Dragon so the Constrution follows the opposite line from just 2 points of view.

    Water Seven Oppose/Reverse DressRosa
    Shabondy ( An island that is not) Oppose+Reverse Punk Hazard (Not an island but it is).Potential enemies and allies use the same process in the story.
    Fishman Island oppose+reverse Mariejoa. (ex, Bubble use, To isolate vs to be isolated.
    Want to meet the world vs don't want to defy the world

    Try make the same analysis confronting 2 opposite characters:


    Luffy vs BB

    DD vs Sanji


    ---------- Post added at 01:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:31 AM ----------

    I can keep on explaining for days, for ex,

    Soon, his eagerness and intelligence made him one of the favorite disciples of the patriarch, whose guidance and training taught the monkey a number of magic arts. He acquired the powers of shapeshifting known as the "72 transformations", supposedly the more versatile and difficult set of skills that allows him to transform into every possible form of existence, including people and objects. He also learned about cloud-traveling, including a technique called the Jīndǒuyún (cloud-somersault), which covers 108,000 li (54,000 km or 33,554 mi) in a single flip. Finally, he could transform each of the 84,000 hairs on his body into inanimate objects and living beings, or even clones of himself. Sun Wukong became proud of his abilities, and, at the urging of the other disciples, began showing-off and demonstrating his abilities to them._ Sun Wukong traveled into the oceans, where he acquired the Golden-banded staff Ruyi Jingu Bang, which could change its size, multiply itself, and fight according to the whim of its master.

    If u look at Sun Wukong, is obvious that his powers are shared by the strawhats.
    _Shapshifting objects (USOP + FRANKY)
    _Shapeshifting person (ROBIN + FRANKY)
    _Shapeshifting hairs (FRANKY)
    _Shapeshifting Body (LUFFY + FRANKY +MERRY CHOPPER)
    _Clones of himself (Robin)+
    _Cloud travel (Nami)
    _Cloud Somersault (Sanji)
    [waiting for hour lovely Okama to appear!]

    Sun Wukong EXTENDABLE magic baton is divided in 3:
    _DF Gomu Gomu no mi
    _Weapon (sword)
    _Unbrakable (Sanji Kicks, notice that is a point that keep appearinf when he fights or he has to destroy something...)

    It was originally used by Dà-Yǔ to measure ocean depth and later became the "Pillar that pacifies the oceans", a treasure of Ao Guang, the "dragon-king of the Eastern Seas"." It weighed 13,500 jin (8.1 tons). Upon Sun Wukong's approach, the pillar started to glow, signifying that it had found its true master. Its versatility meant that Sun Wukong could wield it as a staff and keep it inside his ear as a sewing needle. This drove fear into the magical beings of the sea and threw the sea itself into confusion, since nothing but the pillar could control the ebb and flow of the ocean's tides. In addition to taking the magical staff, Wukong also defeated the dragons of the four seas in battle and forced them to give him a golden chain mail shirt (鎖子黃金甲), a phoenix-feather cap (鳳翅紫金冠 Fèngchìzǐjinguān), and cloud-walking boots (藕絲步雲履 Ǒusībùyúnlǚ).

    Sun Wukong EXTENDABLE magic baton is divided in 3:
    _DF Gomu Gomu no mi
    _Weapon (sword)
    _Unbrakable (Sanji Kicks, notice that is a point that keep appearinf when he fights or he has to destroy something...)
    Respective martai arts: TAI CHI, KENDOSHIP(innovation), SAVATE " no hands" which in reality is TAEKWONDO.

    Also notice that this is where Sun Wukong character starts to be shared in between Roger and Luffy...
    _The pillare that pacifies the Ocean (figurative way of speech) but also literall (Skypiea)
    _The East Dragon King giving magical powers to Wukong (Shanks and DF)
    _someone who put the sea in confusion (Riger + Luffy)

    Note:while this is the first part of Wukong story, this actually becomes Luffy's and his crew, moving at the beginning of the "story".

    If from here, we leap to thir part of Sun Wukong story,we can see exactly how Roger and the first pirate King impersonate him.

    The Buddha made a bet with Sun Wukong that he (Sun Wukong) could not escape from his (Buddha's) palm. Sun Wukong, knowing that he could cover 108,000 li in one leap, smugly agreed. He took a great leap and then flew to the end of the world in seconds. Nothing was visible except for five pillars, and Wukong surmised that he had reached the ends of Heaven. To prove his trail, he marked the pillars with a phrase declaring himself "the great sage equal to heaven" (and in other versions, urinated on the pillar he signed on). Afterward, he leaped back and landed in the Buddha's palm. There, he was surprised to find that the five "pillars" he had found were in fact the five fingers of the Buddha's hand. When Wukong tried to escape, the Buddha turned his hand into a mountain. Before Wukong could shrug it off, the Buddha sealed him there using a paper talisman on which was written the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum in gold letters, wherein Sun Wukong remained imprisoned for five centuries.

    _Buddha (Grand Admiral Sengoku)
    _Signed a pillar (skypiea)

    This something interesting also,using TAO to reverse and oppose, we have:

    . BUDDHA SEALED HIM (Roger gave himself in),

    .HOW? ( using a PAPER TALISMAN on which was WRITTEN the MANTRA Om Mani Padme Hum in GOLD LETTERS)

    _so, oppose + change + reverse

    .Paper talisman(easile deperible) oppose undestroyable rock


    _Notice also how MANTRA oppose WORDS. (in the way that they have no "meanings" opposed to word)

    _But also, LETTERS are reversed from a significance point of view, cause in One Piece they are "UNREADABLE" which goes with the revers point of creating letters.

    GOLD is not the ink to write letters,is the name of the writer that didn't use ink to write uncomprensible letters.....on GOLD!!(ONE PIECE).

    ---------- Post added at 01:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:00 PM ----------

    MOMO and SABO

    Even here is easy to understand how thing are working using TAO:

    SABO = end of the war OPPOSED MOMO=beginning of a War

    Space where we got their "presentations":
    SABO = Unreachable Island OUT of the Grandline, last to see for us.// oppose //MOMO = reachable island which is not an island IN the grand line. first to see for us

    How they got presented:
    SABO = Luffy is desperate and without his friend// oppose //MOMO =Luffy is not desperate and he is with his friend.

    SABO = mature //oppose// MOMO = childish

    SABO = French '800 //oppose// MOMO= Japan '800

    SABO = Blonde //oppose// MOMO = Black
    SABO = Hat //oppose// MOMO= shaved top head


    SABO + LUFFY = caring
    MOMO + LUFFY = skirmish

    SABO "disappeared" from Luffy //oppose // MOMO "appears to Luffy"

    SABO flee garbage with help // reverse // MOMO flee garbage helping

    SABO = saved by Dragon // reverse // MOMO saves as a Dragon

    SABO = flee from Dragons (tenryubito) //oppose // MOMO goes against Dragons (tenryubito) [to better look on this point you gotta refer to the JADE KING and DRAGON KING in Su Wukong story cause there's also a reverse here...]
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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    Let me answer this in less than 7 sentences quoted from Whitebeard himself before death. Note not exactly said but something like that.

    "When the one piece is found, the world will turn upside down"

    If we knew what the One piece was right now, id probably not want to enjoy the series anymore as luffy wouldnt want to be a pirate hence why he told usopp to shutup.

    Better to leave this topic alone.

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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    Well, my point of view improved if I guessed right, beside that I respectfully said at the beginning that if u don't want to risk to be spoilered if my point of view is right,then u can stop reading :-) Beside this, understanding what One Piece is, is something that everyone is doing through many different theories! I think that I can be right but I like to discuss with others like you because I can be wrong too. It's not like we know the future, only ODA will unveil completely the story at the end, but as I reasearched it like many others, I want to share what I think and what I found! Do u want me to wait chapter 1000(Oda's intentions)?! XD

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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!, then Mihawk and Doflamingo are brothers? Their father is one of the gorousei? Maybe if joker takes off his glasses, his eyes could be similar to a "bird eyes", just like hawkeye.

    I remeber another curious information:
    (bird name in alphabetic order)
    Do -Flamingo
    Re - Gull
    Mi - Hawk
    Fa - Ibis
    Sol - Jay
    La - Kiwi
    Ti - Lark

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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    Didn't know this association with music, pretty nice! I'm gonna go and have a look. Beside this is something that I'm speculating so we gotta wait for Oda. But well, the strange thing is that wwe never new Mihawk's crew o his possible crewmates, so I thought that originally he wasn't a "pirate", but after what happened in the kingdom with his brother he might have decided to retiree while Flamingo started to rampage the sea, until they decided to create the shichibukai to allow them to do what they want while being observed, controlled and possibly not arrested. [See how DD does what he want with both the government and the marines]

    Just another thought that came up to mind is this: while the first part of One Piece was more focused on eastearn legends, this second part is going to be more focused on western legends and the '800/'900 european literature because from chapter 600 we got

    _10.000 ybder the sea (Jules Vern)
    _The Kraken (Norrean mythology)
    _Van Der Decken and the Flying Dutchman
    _Mermaids (from legends to Christian Andersen tales)
    _"Mermaid" Princes in a tower she can't escape. (RAPUNZEL)
    _Fortunetellers with a ORB (north european folklore)
    _Ancient Ark (bible)
    _Neptune (Greece)
    _Clowns (eurpean folklore)
    _Yeti (northern legends and folklore)
    _Centaurs (Greece)
    _European Dragons (The fat ones with wings, which are different from the chinese Dragon that is more snake like and has other meanings)
    _Snow Queen (Hans Christian Andersen)
    _One Piece 689 : An island that doesn’t seem to be there. (PETER PAN)
    _Toys (Andersen)
    _ again.... Giants (this time kids) (northern mithology)

    JACK is JACK THE GIANT KILLER (northern mithology/tales)???
    _Gnomes (northern folklore mithology)
    _Toy stories (andersen / Grimm)
    _Cavendish (european hero prince/hero? ladies, help me with this :-P)
    I f u just look at the chapters title, this is going forward Sistematicaly!
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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    Your not going to figure out what One Piece really is, until Oda-San reveals it. Oda covers his tracks too well. But, interesting layout of what inspired Oda and his world of One Piece.

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    Re: ONE PIECE UNCOVERED (Potentially really dangerous spoiler)

    Thank you Fether, I really appreciate! :-)

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