We are not a random group of junkies working on a hentai or doujin related manga.
We are on the verge of getting published. This is serious business with contracts and deadlines.
Our site:
Samples of our manga:

We are seeking 5 English to Japanese and Japanese to English translators.
We need some translators who can do voice.
We need some translators who can do text.
We also need some translators who can do voice and text.

We are also seeking proofreaders, who are bilingual Japanese/English.

What are we offering:
We are offering you a chance to work with a publication company and get your name on the inside flap of a manga story before it sells. This means you will receive professional recognition for your work. For translators and proofreaders wanting to be professional this is big opportunity that can lead to a professional career.

What are we asking from translators:
We only require 2 to 3 hours each week, per translator.
We need translation of our website, the dialogue of our manga, and submission forms.
We need help communicating with potential artists.

What are we asking from proofreaders:
We only require 2 to 3 hours each week, per proofreader.
We need proofreaders for our website and the dialogue of our manga.

We are not requiring anyone to sign contracts or make long term commitments.
We only ask that each translator and each proofreader sign a non-disclosure form and keep a regular schedule with us.

All positions are on a volunteer basis.

If you are interested, please contact us at

If you are not interested could you do us the courtesy of forwarding this opportunity to other translators that you know.

Have a good day!