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Thread: Naruto Chapter 639 Review: Attack!

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    Reviewer 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member narutotheory's Avatar
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    Thumbs Up Naruto Chapter 639 Review: Attack!

    So we got an early release today. Let's jump right in.

    Chapter starts off with a brief clue telling us that when Juubito attacked, he actually attacked a Hashirama wood clone. And since Tobirama created the Edo Tensei he knows how to manipulate, and according to this page he's doing it for the first time with his own body. Kinda similar to how Madara knows Edo Tensei.

    And with that we get our first EDO TENSEI JUTSU: GOJOU-KIBAKUFUDA!! - Glad to see Tobirama is making Edo Tensei jutsu more interesting. But anyway a quick explanation of it. It's a jutsu where the 'SLIPS' or "PAPER" that is used to 'COAT' the souls who were brought back to life is used as an attacked where the slips summon other the form of explosive tags...and the explosive tags are huge!!! so the blast keep going on and on until Juubito turns the attack to dust with his new "ANTI-JINTON ability..."
    Which leads me to our...

    I Love this image of Obito...Juubito...whatever you wanna call him. But he looks so beastly like something out'a the Bleach Manga...I love Kishimoto for doing the whole bleach technique. But anyway, Juubito's technique is actually... just an advanced version of Jinton...combining like over 4 different elements. AND JUUBITO CAN FLY!!! Just like the Really old Kage who can use Jinton.

    It's really simply to understand Juubito's jutsu...just look at Naruto's rasengan...or Sasuke's chidori which he learned to throw (Senbon), Frontal attack (regular chidori) so this is just Juubito's nature manipulation...don't know what we'll call it yet though...maybe Yin-Yang manipulation or something?

    Juubito likes to do the front up 1 shot kill attack like naruto with his he's grabbing at an enemy (3rd hokage) and then launching his nature manipulated dust technique into the skull of his enemy. Lethal, and un-escapable. Did you see what the old man's Jinton almost did to Sasuke if it weren't for Tobi warping him back then? Now Juubito can carry that ability in his hands.

    Spoiler show

    Naruto's Daddy starts analyzing Sasuke and seeing how much more talented he is than Naruto. Telling him to relax and let them do what they're doing...oh but look what he does next...HE PULLS A VEGETA!!!!

    Sasuke got all serious again just like Vegeta does...then he get's his ass handed to him on a platter...about to die...AGAIN!!!!!...HOW MANY TIMES HAS SASUKE HAD A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE NOW??? LIKE 7...


    Things to take note of (GETTING RID OF ANY CONFUSION):

    Spoiler show

    Madara is ready to fight Hashirama.

    Spoiler show

    This panel speaks to me...Hashirama and Madara...fighting to the death...even after death...they still stare each other down with the same will to fight.

    Also..Juubito looks very similar to Joki-Boy in this image...remember that technique the 4th Mizukage used?

    Spoiler show

    Juubito uses some kind of earth technique to go into the ground with just his upper body...

    Spoiler show

    And uses that to get under Naruto and Gamakichi.

    Naruto falls off Gamakichi and Juubito takes aim....Minato thinks it's his job to save him...and then look who shows up! Vegeta style.

    Spoiler show

    Long story short, Sasuke saves Naruto. And we get a brief flashback..

    Spoiler show



    - Naruto and Sasuke are either going to get saved by Minato or they'll escape Juubito's grasp because plot demands the two main characters to survive.
    - Hashirama will fight Madara
    - Orochimaru may show up to save them if Minato doesn't arrive in time.
    - The other Kages may show up in time to help out.
    - Madara's trump card is yet to be discovered
    - Minato's gift to Naruto is yet to be discovered...
    - Naruto and Sasuke may actually die...Sasuke might die (just him) or Naruto may die...or they just get really badly wounded.


    I was very confused with this chapter at first but I re-read and it's really simple to understand. It's basically just a fight filled chapter. We get another brief moment of Sasuke showing off his analytical skills, making Naruto seem stupid again. We got development in what Madara's current goal is...he wants to fight Hashirama...or atleast do something to him to maybe make him more powerful than Juubito...he did say he had some Jutsu that would give him the upper hand...his "trump card" we're all still waiting for that. All in all this was an enjoyable read but you don't have to take my word for it, go out and read it yourself, take what you can from it.
    Read Naruto Chapter 639: Click Here
    Last edited by narutotheory; July 22, 2013 at 05:38 PM.

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    Reviewer 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member otomo20's Avatar
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    Re: Naruto Chapter 639 Review: Attack!

    I was also confused when I read this chapter the first time, too much going on in some panels. I was only able to understand it when I reviewed it later and read each panel carefully.

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    Reviewer 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member narutotheory's Avatar
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    Re: Naruto Chapter 639 Review: Attack!

    Sorry to everyone...I just noticed reset the Naruto chapter, so my linked images got messed up..just changed them with mangastream images...I apologize for that.

    ---------- Post added July 19, 2013 at 11:51 AM ---------- Previous post was July 18, 2013 at 03:43 PM ----------

    Naruto 640 Prediction: Hokage vs Obito (By Hoonaninator) - Taken from
    Hi everyone, this is a rather late post as I've been busy! Hope you guys enjoy it!

    Obito grabs Naruto's and Sasuke's heads! Black orbs form at Obito's hands!

    Sasuke's Susanoo attacks swiftly and slashes off Obito's arm that is grabbing Sasuke!

    Naruto's Kyuubi chakra arms also grab hold of Obito's hand, and the black beam from his hand is directed away!

    All of a sudden, Minato appears before Obito and hits him with an Odama Rasengan!

    Naruto and Sasuke break free and the trio jump away!

    Minato: You guys all right?!

    Naruto: Yeah!

    Obito returns to his original form and rises from the ground. His arm is seen regenerating.

    Minato: Stay on your guard. He is a lot more powerful than you think.

    Obito charges forward and fires the black beams again!

    Naruto and Sasuke dodge the attacks while Minato charges forward with his kunai!

    Minato: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (10 Shadow Clones run alongside him and surround Obito!)

    Minato: Hiraishin no Jutsu! Rasen Senkou Chourinbu Kousanshiki!!!

    All of Minato's clones teleport to Obito one by one and hits him with Rasengan from different directions!! The speed of the Rasengan barrage leaves Obito no chance to retaliate!

    Obito then manipulates his black substance to create a shield which blocks all the attacks!

    Obito then seemingly teleports to each of the Bunshin one by one to destroy them.

    Minato: His speed!!...He's as fast as the Hiraishin!!

    After all the Bunshin are defeated, Obito charges towards Minato at lightning speed with a sword formed by his black substance! The sword pierces through Minato!

    Minato: Guh!! What happened to you Obito?!! Snap out of this!

    Obito appears nonchalant and proceeds to destroy Minato's upper body by expanding the sword.

    Naruto: Dad!!!

    Obito stops and turns, looking at Naruto and Sasuke.

    Sasuke: (Thinking) This guy...

    At this moment, Tobirama and Hiruzen are fully regenerated.

    Hiruzen: His speed is incredible. Even Minato is unable to keep up with him!

    Tobirama: Yes, Saru. I guess it's time to use our ultimate techniques.

    Hashirama stares face to face with Madara.

    Hashirama: What do you want now, Madara?!

    Madara: I am going to defeat you this time Hashirama.

    Hashirama: Are you kidding me?! Do you realise how critical the situation is right now?!

    Madara: I don't care about what happens... (Thinking) Because ultimately, I'll still be the victor...

    Hashirama: (Charges forward) Out of my way!!

    Madara: (Activates Mangekyou and charges) You'll have to get past me!

    Obito walks towards Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke appear worried.

    Tobirama: Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu!!

    Obito turns and looks at the coming water dragon! Obito dodges it but the water dragon continues pursuing him!

    Hiruzen: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!

    Enma: It's been a long time...Saru...

    Hiruzen: No time to waste! You know what to do!!

    Enma: All right! Henge! (Transforms into a pole)

    Obito uses his black substance to destroy the water dragon. However, Tobirama comes out of the water and weaves a seal in front of Obito!

    Tobirama: Suiton! Water Prison Jutsu!

    Obito is trapped in a globe of water!

    Tobirama: (Thinking) With this, he won't be able to escape!

    Tobirama: Hiruzen!!! I'll create an opening!!

    Hiruzen: Enma!! (His pole extends and pierces through the water prison!)

    Obito is seen in pain and choking on the water as the pole passes through him.

    Obito: UWAAHHH!!!! (Obito breaks open the Water Prison!)

    Tobirama: ?!!... Suiton Bunshin no Jutsu!!

    Hiruzen: Katon!! Bakufuu Ranbu!!!

    A huge fire engulfs the area. However, when the fire clears, Obito appears unwounded as he is protected by a sphere formed by his black substance!

    Hiruzen: ?!!!

    Tobirama: Not yet!! Suiton!! Suijinheiki!! (Tobirama and his two Water Clones attack!)

    Obito is hit by water blasts from 3 sides!!

    Hiruzen: Now's my chance!! Doton!! Yomi Numa!!

    The ground beneath Obito turns into mud and Obito is sucked into it!!

    Half of Obito's body is now trapped inside the mud and he is immobilised!

    Tobirama: Now's our chance! (Weaves hand seals)

    Tobirama and Hiruzen head towards Obito!

    Naruto: ?!! Wait!!

    Tobirama & Hiruzen: ?!!

    Obito's body expands again!! Obito gives a threatening stare at the Hokages.

    What is going to happen?!!

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