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Thread: Looking for a partner(s)

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    Looking for a partner(s)

    I bid you all a good day. My name is Sergei, I have been writing since I was 7 years old and I am fairly confident on my writing skills.

    I have specialized in mostly fantasy, action, drama, comedy and horror. I have decided a few months ago, almost 3 or 4, to start off my own manga story and I have hopes it will make a few good impressions.
    The story is action with supernatural powers, romance, drama and some "echi" comedy in it. I am confident that the fights or action sequences will impress and the story will deliver as some of my works have done until now. Thus I have invested a lot of time in this and hope for a fruitful partnership.

    For those interested, the first two chapters of the story can be found at this link The story is full but I can make them into scenarios or scripts but for that I will need a partner to discuss them in order to make this work correctly. Note that the original works have been changed so the posted story will not match exactly the one on the internet.

    As a little background the action takes place in modern days, the world is subject to a great change that has yet to come and no one knows of it and few can stop it. There is a constant battle between two factions The Guardian Branch and the Branch of Sin. Guardians or Descendants with elemental powers associated with their classes bent on protecting life; while Sins and Demons with dark powers who prey upon mankind to sustain themselves. Descendants, or Guardians, gain their powers from the Shard, a infinitely small piece from the Drop of Creation left behind by God after he used Earth as His seat of power. Descendants come in a few classes such as Warrior, Archer, Mage or Hybrid and can wield elements such as Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Metal. The more control the Descendant has over the Shard, the more evolved the power will be and the stronger the Descendant will become; controlling the Shard however requires is not simple.

    More details can be shared with those interested.

    I am looking for an artist, or artists, with skill in drawing manga characters. Everything will be shared from opinions or reviews to anything that will cover the project and even change the story if ideas or opinions are voiced. Co-writers are also welcomed, I could use a little bit of help from time to time since the story covers a lot of chapters and character background.

    Thank you for your time and patience. I bid you a good day.
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