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Thread: けじめ? What does it mean in this context?

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    けじめ? What does it mean in this context?

    Spoiler show

    So, I thought that Ieyasu's death could become something to settle things once and for all, or get to a closer or just drawing a line between this world and Heaven where all those souls can't go.

    Later in the story, just a moment before killing Ieyasu, she says "This is not hatred. Please, think it as kejime!".

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    Re: けじめ? What does it mean in this context?

    Not much context to go by, as the provided picture isn't the scene you're talking about... (or am I wrong?)
    Anyway, kejime can be translated in a few different ways:
    1) make, draw a distinction; draw a line
    2) discipline
    3) take responsibility
    4) Come to, reach a final conclusion

    For this case I would actually go with 3, "taking responsibility"... It's not like she holds a personal grudge against the guy, but it's her responsibility to get rid of him.

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    Re: けじめ? What does it mean in this context?

    The line それが人の世のけじめだ! can be translated as something along the lines of "That's (Ieyasu's death in order to liberate the countless souls consumed by hatred) how things are (should be) settled down (among human beings) in this world!"

    The "kejime" in this context means that the right solution, the right thing to happen would be Ieyasu's death in order to put an end to all this mess/stuff.

    Hope this helps...
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