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They are extra releases included in the WSJ Magazine while Kubo is on holidays.

At the end of the latest instalment of The Dagger, it states that: In the next issue, the many truths and mysteries of Millennium Blood War Arc have been revealed, largely explaining them!

I do not think we will be receiving any "new" information, just an elaboration on the previous reveals in this arc since these releases are recollecting the Millennium Blood War Arc thus far.

The point of The Dagger, is to recapitulate the Millennium Blood War Arc while Kubo is on holidays, this is probably to keep fans in the know before the Grand Finale of the Arc begins in a few weeks.

Golden week has already past, that started April 29[sup]th[/sup] and ended May 5[sup]th[/sup]. Maybe you were thinking of Obon? That was the other day, hence why WSJ was on break and there was no Big 3 update last week.

Instead of inciting your own disappointment, how about you wait until you actually read the chapters first before being displeased...? Without further ado, here is the translations of WSJ Issue #37 and #38's release of The Dagger.

Credits to Minerva, Andygoesrawr and Herakles from Bleach Asylum.
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There's another Golden Week coming up towards the end of the year, in which, I was referring to. Especially since, there's only 3 months left of the year and Kubo, most likely will not cover too much by then.