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Thread: 8 months since last Berserk. It's come to this: Comparing Berserk with Rustlers Rhapsody

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    8 months since last Berserk. It's come to this: Comparing Berserk with Rustlers Rhapsody

    Rustlers Rhapsody has always been one of my favorite films. So when I starting reading Berserk, I noticed some similarities.

    We all know that once Griffith loses his the duel with Guts he becomes unstable and ends up sleeping with Princess Charlotte. But in RR, Rex loses his confidence during an altercation with his equal, Bob Barber. He recovers his confidence after he sleeps with the Colonel's daughter. He confronts his equal again and is victorious.

    Elements of predetermination are brought up in both stories. Rex believes that he "knows the future" because the same events reoccur in each western town that he visits. And the Skull Knight explains to Guts that their world is like a story and that their foes exists outside of it.

    Both stories start out with the protagonist entering a bar.

    There is a scene where Rex is fired upon multiple times, but comes out of it unscathed. Just like Griffith and the Kushan arrows.

    The Colonel attempts to kill Rex by sniper, but is killed by Peter. Then Peter mentions to the bad guys that Rex is always two step ahead of them, just like Femto.

    At the end of the film, Peter wears armor to protect himself.

    Rex rounds up other good guys and leads them just like Griffith with the Neo band of the Hawk.

    OK here's another link to the vid. Hopefully it'll stay up.

    Also, I want to say that the character Rex seems to be an amalgamation of Griffith, Guts, and SK. I hope you guys check out RR as people usually find out about this film through "word of mouth." Just one of those lost gems.
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