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I know this thread is a couple months old but in light of recent chapters does anyone have any new thoughts on this? At first I had some feeling it could be true (mainly because nothing disproved it) but it looks a lot more and more fake now, all the mysteries it answered were from the chapters before it's release. Surely if it were a "real" spoiler it would have mentioned the coordinate or why they need Eren so much? "Dr Moto" would have no interest in Eren other than killing him or getting him on his side according to the 'leak' which suggests he is nothing more than a Shifter. We now know they wanted him so badly because of the coordinate power. It sounds more like a good theory on it at the time not an actual leak.

Also I'm not sure if anyone's thought about this but surely if this Dr Moto was the Ape-Titan, he can control Titans? Why would he need to build a defends against the then?
The last chapter basically disproved the "story leak" since it says nothing about Eren being the coordinate. Not to mention that it was missing a lot already.