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Thread: How do you Clean Colour Manga/Webtoon?~

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    How do you Clean Colour Manga/Webtoon?~

    I have Trouble Clean & redaw colour manga/webtoon~
    is there any tips or advice can i get to clean it~(or maybe a nice step for me to clean&redraw it)
    i trying to cloning the sfx it but it turn out very bad,the colour it kinda mess up~

    How to clean it smoothly?~
    and (how do i clean this one it ~colour tone?? i need to change to grayscale?)

    Any help will be greatly appreciate~

    Thank You~

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    Scanlator 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member Gradonil_Ral's Avatar
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    Re: How do you Clean Colour Manga/Webtoon?~

    For the webtoon - I'm gonna quote myself from another forum:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gradonil_Ral
    For color pages, I mostly just alternate between Smudge (with "Transfer" on) and Brush (with "Shape Dynamics" and "Transfer" on).

    Spoiler show

    Spoiler show

    You can smudge with "Shape Dynamics" on too, but (in most cases) you'll need to turn it off on gradients.

    Of course, these options will only work if you have a drawing tablet.
    The settings for both tools can be changed too - I showed the ones I use most often.
    This is the simplest way (IMO). That's how I clean Kubera and other webtoons.

    For a different way - RHS' Rain just created a thread about redrawing. He started with color pages:

    You can also check my post about color redraws in another thread here on MH:

    For the second page - you clean it normally. You denoise and level. You just can't use "Dodge Tool" on the white background since it creates artificial dirt in RGB.
    If you want, you can switch to grayscale - there's no reason not to. You can just use Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation (with "Colorize" on) to switch back to "pink".
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