So, including just released 719 today we have a new ally and looking back strawhats have been accumulating since the beginning.

Fairy Army
Toy Army
and as of today even though it hasn't happened we all know, Chinjao.

Potential Allies
Chinjaos grandkids
?Bartolomeo? (prob not)
Other tournament contenders.
Rescue Samurai (cannot remember name)

Things are speeding up in this one piece super arc, we know this because todays chapter held chinjaos origin of suffering story along with the end of block C a very progressive chapter and as we look back the Strawhats have gathered plenty of ally for their plan to take down Doflamingo of the Shichibukai and follow up with a yonkou.

Doflamino Donquixote
Doflamingo Family

Potential Enemies
D block winner.

Its a pretty intense lineup on both sides, more impressive than Enies lobbys (not far enough to know if the stories better though Enies lobby hits me home) The first time an admiral is involved with the strawhats and running isn't the plan (yet) Zoro vs fujitora we all know would make some hearts melt while Franky Sanj and Kinemon take on CP0 perhaps? just some hopes no one really knows.

Anyway i believe were at the beginning of a snowball on the arc for action, something tells me we wont have to pay much attention to block D. As more weeks pass the tournament still hasn't been interrupted a lot of people say itll be interrupted but who knows really could it make it to the end? Anyway just wondering what kinda allies u guys think the strawhats might pickup or some fight predictions