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Thread: Need help with a short sentence

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    Need help with a short sentence


    A yakuza office is destroyed by a rival clan. The two bodyguards are fired. They start a food cart selling raamen. The sister of Yakuza 1 wants him to go back home. Ya1 sends Ya2 to fill the kettle with water. Sister follows Ya2. In the meanwhile Yakuza 3 (who doesn't know the cart is run by other yakuza) asks very arrogantly for a raamen. As soon as he notices Ya1 (big and scary guy) he changes attitude. Ya2 and sister take forever to come back, so Ya1 gives Ya3 a cup raamen...

    My problem is that "hee seichou katsu wo bushi".
    I don't have the slightest of what "seichou katsu wo bushi" means.

    Then Ya3 flees in terror. I don't know if it's for what Ya1 says to him or he simply burned his tongue eating that hot raamen as fast as he could.
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    Re: Need help with a short sentence

    Ello there.

    "Katu wo" is actually "katuwo" which means Bonito 鰹 (a type of fish.)

    "Busi" means "dried" (in terms of food,) so "正調かつを節" means "traditionally tuned* dried bonito."
    (*"tuned" as in adjusting the flavour. I guess you could say "traditionally flavoured," but I'm not a cook so I'm not sure if that is an accurate term or not.)

    As for the へえ, he's just giggling to himself, lol.

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    Oh sorry, I missed your last line. あかちゃか べっちゃか ちゃかちゃか... is just him being in a cheerful mood singing to himself, it's pretty much analogous to something like "hum diddly dum diddly doo........♪" or however you express yourself, lol.

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    Oh, and まいど means "Thanks for visiting" if that was what you were asking, just like saying "どうも." I think it comes from まいどありがとうございます.

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    Re: Need help with a short sentence

    Additional info:
    You hear the chanting あかちゃかべっちゃか in Otemoyan (おともやん) folk song in Kumamoto Prefecture. The cup ramen noodles you mentioned is actually cup kishimen noodles (カップきしめん), which has flat udon-like noodles with bonito based soup.

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