Hey, I've been writing this out and working on it for a little while and was hoping I could get some second eyes on it to see what people think of it. Please tell me what you think!

Story Idea
-Technologically advanced, humans look to the virtual world for sport as it has become more and more popular over the ages. With the invention and mass implementation of virtual A.I systems, humans are finding new ways to push their limits.
- Drawing from sources like digimon (armor/ AI body designs), Shaman King (fighting a tournament w/ a team), Zoids(finds god in the garbage can), Soul Eater (partnership is super important, The Matrix (fully immersive virtual reality environment and fights), the story will involve the evolution and combination of human and digital entities as well as the MCs struggle to keep mother(sibling might be a better idea?) alive and make friends.
- The closer the A.I and the human, the better the bond and better execution and creation of abilities used in combat.
-I want some way to keep the relationship between the A.I and their partners intimate and important. They should frequently be together either through Mechanical bodies for A.I in the form of animal companions in real life (could be fun to do) or controlling and interacting with their environment.

MC is going to school and taking care sibling. Family is struggling to get by, MC works for rich kid who goes to school w/ sibling. Rich kid is an ass to him and his sibling essentially bullying sibling and keeping MC from knowing its him by extorting sibling. MC realizes that he can't go to college and that hes going to have to find another way to make ends meet. MC overhears from friend/ bully that A.I battlers are making money. (Iffy on exact way to get his A.I) Finds the A.I meant for rich kid and examines it w/o knowing what it was and the A.I bonds with him by reading his memories and information on him from the web. Rich kid finds out and is furious because A.I was supposed to be special (and expensive). MC tries to give back but can't and finds himself stuck w/ A.I. Rich kid terrorizes sibling in response hurting him/her badly and forcing MC to leave in anger an find another place to live. Since he's stuck w/ A.I. decides to join underground school fighting league to make money and earn enough
(experience, processor power, abilities, tbd). MC starts winning and bonds w/ A.I. MC enters a local tournament and wins ( after struggle and fighting rich kid cronies) until the final event where he faces bully (who has bought a more expensive A.I after seeing how well MC is doing). After almost losing the fight early, he brings it back to win (because of a fighting skill he naturally has, skill he picked up while fighting before, tbd.) (could be a martial arts skill he knows or him just random choosing a weapon he likes and doing well) and berserk mode only stopping when A.I is beaten senseless to corruption and Rich kid is mentally/ physically injured and make enough money to take care of sibling.

Win is scouted by pro team and MC is picked up by a team to provide for siblings med bills and food. Is soundly beaten by people on the team and finds a rival (romantic interest (will be RI)?) in another on the team. They argue a lot but bring out the best in each other when they fight. MC is trained by RI. Comes on to team confident but is soon taught that he has a lot to learn. Practices little and is the major cause for the team to lose in a minor pro match. Learns from mistakes and practices until he becomes and very good. Eventually beats team in practice. Another major tournament opens up and MC has to struggle w/ team and new abilities to work together and become more unified.

Meanwhile, Rich Kid's (older brother, tbd.) seeks revenge for Rich kids injury and bring him onto a team when he gets better. Fight between MC and Rich Kid is set up and MC wins again with a lot easier of a time. Rich kids older brother then decides to fight MC . After baiting out the team, taking down them all and intentionally hurting RI, MC and Older brother fight and it seems even until older brother activates other mode. Berserk mode proves to not be enough and MC is beaten easily (losing bet with older brother?).

MC is depressed about loss and angry and lets out rage on someone who doesnt deserve it. RI steps in and stops the rage and helps MC learn to control it. After training, rage mode becomes a different mode (power up, like 2nd gear). Procedes to fight older brother and wins after long drawn out fight. Insert generic shounen reasons for winning (bonds with A.I and friends). Ends on good note with MC thinking of dating RI, sibling healthy and back in school and MC fighting for a living.