I'm Taro (aka KingTaro)!

A bit about myself.
I like to draw, it's been a hobby of mine since the age of 10-11 if I remember correctly.
Started off after being impressed with a dinosaur picture an uncle drew for me.

Then it was all about Dragonball Z and later on started to draw pretty much anything that interested me.
Here is my Deviantart page for those interested, haha: http://lordtaro.deviantart.com

Anyway, at the age of 19-20 a friend of mine introduced me to the "Anime-World" and 2-3 years later I started reading manga's aswell, and here I am! Haha.

Recently, I also made an application that lets you add sounds to any manga. Well, pretty much to any image, actuall. Not much content there yet, but here is an example.
If you want to try it, you might want to check the basic tutorial.

Well, other than manga, I've been making music and random video's.
Been trying a bit of everything!

Anyway, nice to meet you all!