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Thread: Compiling Black, White and Gray Symbolism

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    Post Compiling Black, White and Gray Symbolism

    One of the things that make DGM so interesting is how Hoshino uses shades to hint at the unwritten and the speculative. Commonly, it's just protagonist white and antagonist black but she goes a step further and uses it to spark doubt, conflict, and analysis of character and themes. There's a ton in the series and I just want to catch them all and bubble up theories. >w<

    Lots of spoilers and I will be going off the manga. Please add ‘in my humble opinion’ before every dot point.


    - Exorcists wear black and Noah (though dark skinned) wear white. I think it's to do with the degree of humanity, Noahs are said to be more intensely human than humans[*]and the Order is now infamous to be corrupt and rather apathetic towards individuals. The 'Black Order' is a direct hint. It’s a lovely contrast, compared to the norm where the good side is white… placing the heros in black is really… aish…. idk how to convey feelings.
    - The Scientists wear White, humans serving the inhuman.
    - Cardinals and the Central people wear black.
    - D.gray-man = The Gray Man = Allen, who is an Exorcist and a Noah, and gray to bridge the gap? Or to remain gray and resist deviating into either side (many other theories too orz;;
    - The Earl uses Dark Matter. The Black Order uses people. ohoho.
    - Level 1 Akumas are gray, mix of black and white, brink of humanity descending into inhuman madness
    - Gray can also be used to symbolise “the other side of the war” mentioned by Cross and Bookman. A deviation from the madly human noahs and the corrupted inhuman Order. -> Theory: People who fight not for themselves/order/noah but for the happiness of their friends. Eg. Neah, Mana, Allen.
    - Bookman, (at least the current one) is also known as "Panda", black and white, representing his attitude towards history (simple, ink, heartless). However, Lavi is filled with colour; red, green, orange. This in turn reflects his different attitude, people are more than ink, he lives. ((T__T, When he becomes Bookman [which he will, says Hoshino], his attire will probably change if his persona does too))


    - The chapters are called ‘nights’ (eg. 1st Night, 151th Night) which stirs an unsettling feeling in the reader…. connotations to darkness, disclarity, chaos, when dreams/nightmares occur. I’m betting the final chapter will be called the 300th Dawn, but that’s being optimistic.
    - The night motif is something Hoshino carries through as well, a lot of battles take place at night, the crescent moon, Allen and Lenalee’s nightmares (I will find and reread that). Mystery, uncertainty, the typical setting for tragedy. I just realised how much of DGM occurs at night, in comparison to other mangas where all the action happens during the day, or when there’s light. (Think of all the money she had to spend on ink xD)
    - 152 Lenalee reflects on her childish hope that her life was a nightmare and that she would one day wake up to find that this war was a dream. By the end she acknowledges that she now is ready to face reality and stop grieving. “Because of [Her brother, her friends], I am able to fight in this nightmarish world”
    - Carrying on the theme of night, it also reminds me of those superheroes that operate by night so that civilians remain oblivious, like everything in DGM is unknown to humanity
    - .... or there's a greater reality they need to wake up to


    - Tyki. Black and White self. He says "Black and White" in around 210?About the time when the 14th takes over. It’s ironic because he’s talking about how easy Allen’s decision is (black or white) but Allen’s going to choose gray, complicated.
    - 168, when Lavi and Bookman listen in to Allen and Cross, both are wearing black.
    - Search for Allen. Kanda wears a white coat over black uniform --> Shows that he's letting his own will/desire/~friendship~ (white) override the goals of the corrupted Order (black)
    - 190 Those people that force Kanda to synchronise with the Innocence. White cloaks but they’re wearing black underneath.
    - 200s, when Allen hugged Lenalee goodbye Q_Q, that contrast
    - 213. When Kanda confronts Link at night, he wears the Order's uniform, Link is shown in white.
    - 215….. Kanda and Allen. Dressed in Black and White respectively.
    - Inspector Lvellie also starts to wear a white coat
    - Also Tiedoll, white coat over black exorcist uniform… I think this is a reoccuring motif Hoshino will use, possibly to represent those who gained understanding of how everything really works and starts fighting for themselves not the Order. (Link, Kanda, Tiedoll, Lvellie, Lenalee, Noise)

    Haha... I couldn't stop myself... my imagination may be stretching it at some bits but I look forward to any other things people can add for this. And I hope it might prod some epiphanies

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    Re: Compiling Black, White and Gray Symbolism

    Oh yes. She's amazingly talented. I believe she's won a few awards too.

    Also, my main question.. When is the manga comming back. And what happend to it? Im so lost.

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