Little Busters!

Title: Little Busters!
Length: 30-50 hours
Producer: Key
Original Plot by: Key
Released: 2007
Spin-Off: Kud Wafter
Alternate Version: Little Busters! Ecstasy [R-18]


Little Busters! focuses on high school student Naoe Riki. Having lost his parents when he was a child, he was rescued from depression by a group of three boys and girls. Known as the Little Busters—a group dedicated to fighting evil and maintaining justice—the group consisted of the Natsume siblings (Kyousuke and Rin), Inohara Masato, and Miyazawa Kengo. Riki would inevitably join the group, ending up at the same high school with the rest of the Little Busters. It’s here where Riki ends up being assigned two special missions: to find members for the baseball team they’re trying to form… and to reveal the “secret of the world”—something he must accomplish while overcoming his narcolepsy and his own shy personality.

Warning: 18+ H-scenes included. [Ecstasy only]