Kenta found himself at yet another of his father's excavation locations and this time his luck made a turn for the worst, his Japanese-American heritage made him the target of some local thugs. In his haste to escape, Kenta found himself in a cave. His fear of the delinquents caused him to shrink as far back as he could into the cave only to knock an ancient book out of its hiding place among the rocks. This discovery came at a cost, Kenta found himself now cursed. He had to read the future deaths the book foretold and tell others about them, or he himself would be next on the list.

A year has passed and Kenta has found a loop hole in the curse, if the death never happens then he doesn't have to tell anyone about it. Instead of using the book to tell the future, he uses it to stop it.

however there is more to this then just the book, Kenta will soon find out that there are more items of power and dark curses out there. Not everyone that finds these are willing to do good, some will stop at nothing to use them for personal gain.
i know its rough but i can work out the kinks , this was just a basic understanding and all.
thank you for any and all replies