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Thread: [Webtoon] Automata by Kim Dazzi

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    Tsubasa [Webtoon] Automata by Kim Dazzi

    Title: Automata
    Author/Artist: Kim Dazzi
    Genre: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi
    Status: On-going, currently on its second season at the time of this post.
    Original webtoon link:
    Translated by: Cave Scanlations
    Batoto link: Click

    Summary by Cave Scanlations: The human race is becoming more and more dependent on increasingly complex technology and machines; machines that inevitably break down. According to those lucky people who work at ATMT, the best job in the world is to be one of those special people who exists between the human world and the cyber world as "therapists", inserting their consciences into the broken machines via a proprietary interface to conduct the repairs. Such a job is not without immense risk and can result in a person being trapped in the device as an annoying, pitiful bug. Amongst the therapists, there exists a chosen few who have additional power and capabilities and who face the greatest risks and dangers - the Automata.

    Why I like it?

    It's something different. You don't often come across comics depicting worlds inside digital objects. Furthermore, this is one story where one might have to read it, at least, twice just to fully comprehend the situation or understand how the technology of this world works. (Some terminology will need to be learned in order to fully grasp it all, but it isn't so bad.) That's a great feeling. You feel a little lost, but that's all due to the mystery of the story and some of the vague aspects.

    The characters are mostly likeable for me, although, the MC did
    Spoiler show
    which I wasn't happy about. Two of the bad guys can be pretty psychotic or act in a teasing manner that can only remind me a little bit of Pandora Hearts. Hehe.... There are a lot of different parties in this story, who all make this a fun ride. You learn something new per chapter, but you end up getting a new question thanks to it. The story pacing is never boring (/non-filler) and feels pretty satisfying in this regard. My kind of storytelling style. Wheee~! ^_^
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