My name is Rennel Decastro. I have a story/script (its kind of a detailed script... more like a stream of conciseness) called Taren. All of the first part is completed (part two is near it's end) and I have some concept art for some of the characters. I need a dedicated artist that will bring my story to life! please, if you are interested, respond as soon as possible.

A very diluted summery (very very diluted):
Taren is a sci-fi/drama that features a young boy named Rennel. Rennel is a 15 year old high school student with a secret past. He has the bloodlines of The Ashya and The Sai families. He has forgotten his life as a child and his memory of his childhood friend, Tara Amagi. Things lead to another and he has to put those powers to use to protect those he loves as the leader of a group called Team Taren.

thank you for your time