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Thread: Christa: Goddess or potential Wolf in Sheep clothing?

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    MH Senpai 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member Beatrice's Avatar
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    Christa: Goddess or potential Wolf in Sheep clothing?

    Made this thread for the purpose of discussing Krista aka Historia's personality cause I personally I absolutely cannot judge her.

    On one hand:
    She is always trying her best to help everyone and is this cute and caring girl which makes her seems like some sort of Goddess or just depicted as this kind and caring girl.

    And yet:

    Here we have Ymir downright telling:
    "They didn't die so that you could use their death as convenient excuse to commit suicide."

    And here we have Ymir going on about how she doesn't even want to save Dazz.

    The following pages even goes further:

    It's not about saving Dazz, it's about dying, suicide but at the same time being deemed as a good person.

    And here Ymir brings the hammer down.
    She surrendered even wanting to kill herself and questioning why she wants to kill herself instead of the Church Cultist.

    Everything Historia does is for the sole sake of being regarded as a good person but as said by Ymir, it's all about Historia wanting to be this self-sacrificial goddess.
    Yet, it's obvious she's not.
    She tried to use the deaths of her superiors for her suicide and for the tale to spread.
    If you think about her tendency, then this puts her in a different light as well.

    The Tower is barely holding as it is.
    Yeah Historia, throwing a single stone does so much.
    And what's that about they died in "Our Place"?Said by the one who wants to die, throwing a stone from a barely holding tower.
    And what happened right after Ymir told her "The tower is barely holding"?

    A broken Connie comments how he'll die without any meaning, without completing the mission.
    "We all could die fighting together"

    Oh and Dazz of course....
    As Ymir said, her stature is clearly more like a child.There is no way she could have saved Dazz by herself yet Ymir was there who can.
    All she had to do was ask her but nope.
    Go ahead Ymir, it's dangerous here.
    She would have killed her comrade for the sake of dying herself just so she can be remembered as the self sacrificial goddess, with Ymir telling the tale.

    This girl has no shame to endanger those close to her, just for the sake of dying herself and gaining honor through it.
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    MangaHelper 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member kannazuki's Avatar
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    Re: Christa: Goddess or potential Wolf in Sheep clothing?

    There's another point of view on Historia (and her "death wish") here.

    I'm in between. I think Ymir is right, but remember Ymir canonically loves the girl (and I'm sure it isn't just because she's like herself but because she knows Historia has potential to be whatever kind of person she wants to be, and that she should be allowed to do that on her own terms and not based on fears of what other people might think). Ymir is being a little harsh... because (a) this is Ymir we're talking about and (b) this is a wake up call for Historia. Ymir is trying to *shock* her into realizing that her behaviour is not healthy for herself or for others. In the case of Dazz, Historia probably thought there was no way of saving him-- that he was a lost cause, so no harm done... but Ymir is still right. If Historia really was who she thought she was trying to be, she would do everything in her power to make sure all three of them could survive, as long as any options were available. How about both of them pulling Dazz along together, or even taking turns?

    Point is I think maybe Historia really does want to help others... but she's doing it in selfish ways. I think that while she isn't as mentally confused as Reiner, she does have problems seeing past ways to try and fulfill her deathwish. That's why it's such a great development that she's been trying to protect Ymir since before Ymir was even kidnapped (back when she was talking with Zoë). I think Ymir's life is the first one we've seen her try to save that didn't put her own life in danger (though Ymir may have lied to her to make her think so, I kind of feel like Historia already knew there was something fishy about that and was kind of just going with the flow until Connie gave her that unavoidable reality check).
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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member Sigma's Avatar
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    Re: Christa: Goddess or potential Wolf in Sheep clothing?

    I agree with much of what Kannazuki has posted in various places here on the forum but disagree about a few things as well.

    This is how I see it: Krista had a very emotionally traumatic childhood. She grew up in an environment where status was everything and because she was a bastard child she was considered worthless by her family and probably her peers as well. She probably took a LOT of shit as a kid. This led to two psychological imperatives: to prover herself as not worthless, and to kill herself.

    The military afforded her BOTH these opportunities. It allowed her the chance to "die a hero" and be rid of the pain and suffering while also proving herself.

    Her "good girl" act isn't entirely an act in my opinion. It is who she WANTS to be. And she's willing to die in order to be that person.

    As for the Dazz situation. I think that was an instance where a person may think one thing but subconsciously do another. It was one of the few instances where her desire to die a hero and be a good girl came into conflict with one another. I don't' think she consciously meant to get Dazz killed but I do think Yimir sort of woke her up to that fact. The thing is, if she really intended to get Dazz killed so she could be a hero, that would completely shatter her "good girl" persona (which is a very important part of who she is) and make her nothing more than a demented sociopath. And I don't think Krista is quite THAT messed up psychologically.

    I don't think the "good girl" act is a persona to impress others but rather a form of self-validation. She needs to create that persona for herself otherwise she may as well have just slit her wrists instead of joining the military.

    And this psychological complexity is why Krista has been my favorite character ever since Annie went into the crystal. She just strikes me as such a REAL character that reflects how many of us are in real life: striving to be someone we're not, wearing masks around others, and hiding who we truly are behind walls built to shelter ourselves from the abuse we've suffered in our lives. I think most people can identify with that in some way.
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    MangaHelper 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member kannazuki's Avatar
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    Re: Christa: Goddess or potential Wolf in Sheep clothing?

    ^^^ This is why I like to (jokingly) think of Historia as the "Allen Walker" of SnK. (Just at very different stages of development.)

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